Great Career Academy – Begins September 6th, 2022

Registration Closes August 31st!

Great Career Academy

Open to mid to senior level finance professionals.

Learn and apply new tools, methods, and strategies, as well as make connections with peers to facilitate personal and professional growth!

This course curriculum was exclusively developed by nationally recognized author and executive coach Maggie Craddock of Workplace Relationships.

GCA is more than just a series of courses. Also included

  • Masterclass sessions with Maggie Craddock over the course of 12 weeks
  • Four Momentum calls where participants will have the opportunity to brainstorm with Maggie and connect with one another
  • The digital Great Career Academy workbook chock full of exercises for each week’s module and pages that allow you to write about your experiences, clarify your authentic goals, and track your progress
  • Access to a private, online peer support network to share one-another’s experiences and celebrate milestones throughout the program

Space is Limited

GCA is an online, virtual training academy that teaches a four-stage process of inner and outer learning, over the course of twelve weeks.

Course begins September 6th, 2022. Take advantage of this Special Rate $2500.

GCA Facilitator

Maggie Craddock

Maggie Craddock is an executive coach who has worked with clients at all levels on the professional spectrum – from people entering the workforce to Fortune 500 CEOs. She has been featured on CNBC, National Public Radio and quoted in national publications including the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times and even Oprah Magazine.

Before building her executive coaching business, Maggie worked for over a decade on both the buy and the sell side of the financial services industry. As a portfolio manager at Scudder, Stevens & Clark, she received two Lipper Awards for top nationwide mutual fund performance.

Maggie is also the author of a highly successful career trilogy:

  • The Authentic Career: Following the Path of Self-Discovery to Professional Fulfilment (New World Library, 2004)
  • Power Genes: Understanding Your Power Persona and How to Wield It at Work (Harvard Business Press, 2011)
  • Lifeboat: Navigating Unexpected Career Change and Disruption (New World Library,2020)


Sanem Alkan

Angilynn Baraud
Charina Amunategui
Paula Attie

Course Overview

Great Career Academy is an online, virtual training academy that teaches a four-stage process of inner and outer learning, over the course of twelve weeks.

The Awareness Stage – Clarifying your thought process

This stage addresses our thought process. During relatively normal times, most of us are logical, objective and hopefully even strategic when it comes to how we assess our professional options. However, during periods of extreme change and disruption, we are prone to polarized thinking and snap judgements that we may later regret. We can overlook hidden costs, key risk factors or even leave a promising career prematurely if we aren’t careful.

  • Week 1: The link between family history and professional choices
  • Week 2: How your family influences your expectations of yourself
  • Week 3: Building authentically supportive relationships

The Emotional Ownership Stage – Mastering your emotional triggers

This stage addresses the emotional triggers that can hijack our thought process and influence our reactions before we have time to think at all! When it’s “business as usual,” many of us are able to compartmentalize feelings of anxiety or frustration and maintain our game face under pressure. That said, what we are going through now is extraordinary, and many of us need to retrain ourselves, acknowledge our feelings, and respond with emotional honesty so we don’t miss important warning signs before it’s too late.

  • Week 4: What’s your emotional relationship with money?
  • Week 5: Clarifying your authentic priorities
  • Week 6: Your Personal Business Plan – Part I

The Interaction Stage – Enhancing interpersonal influence

This stage addresses the role that relationships play in our professional advancement. Under normal circumstances, adopting a transactional approach to professional relationships and playing the role that’s been assigned to you is often sufficient. However, during times of extreme pressure and heightened competition, cultivating the skills necessary to establish authentic rapport with others at a human level becomes a professional survival skill. This is particularly true when we are interviewing, working and managing others remotely.

  • Week 7: Your Signature Power Style
  • Week 8: How and why power styles morph
  • Week 9: Conflict – Practicing emotional agility under pressure

The Integration Stage – Identifying where you will thrive

This is the stage where you bring it all together and figure out how to identify (or create) a professional environment where you can thrive. When it’s “business as usual,” some organizations normalize paying lip service to ideas like “people matter” even as they fail to act in accord with this ideal. The more pressure mounts, the more organizations are held accountable for such breaches of trust. This stage is about aligning yourself with organizations that reinforce your core values. It’s also about understanding how the group energy of your workplace will impact every facet of your quality of life.

  • Module 10: Evaluating your current (or prospective) workplace
  • Module 11: Your Personal Business Plan – Part II
  • Module 12: Staying the course and going the distance