Global | Tue, Jul 7, 2020

Using Behavioural Finance to Understand Investor Decisions in a Pandemic and Beyond

Hosted by the 100WF London Senior Practitioner Committee

What can behavioural finance tell us about investment patterns during a pandemic? Behavioural finance integrates economics and psychology to explain the reasons behind investor irrationality and its proponents believe the effectiveness of investment strategies can be enhanced by incorporating psychological factors into investment decisions.

Learn how firms are bringing behavioural finance theory to life to help fund managers and clients make better investment decisions. Consider how the ripple effects of the pandemic and ones personal experience of the current environment may affect the decision-making process. Examine how emotions and behavioural biases can affect your own investment patterns.

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DATE: Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

TIME: 3:00 PM London.
Join from your location: 7:00 AM N. America West Coast |10:00 AM N. America East Coast | 3:00 PM London | 4:00 PM Paris | 6:00 PM UAE
We will begin promptly.



Michael A. Ervolini, Founder & CEO, Cabot Investment Technology
Emily Haisley, Head Behavioural Finance, BlackRock
Clare Flynn Levy, Founder & CEO, Essentia Analytics
Magdalena Smith, Founder & CEO, Behaviour Lab
Kathryn Graham, Moderator, Director, Behaviour Lab

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