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100WF NextGen Dublin Webinar: Sustainable Purchasing Power?

Hosted by the 100WF NextGen Dublin Committee

2020 has seen a continued focus on sustainability and climate change with governments, corporate entities and consumers, increasingly coming under the spotlight for their part in addressing these issues.

As a consumer, you select among countless options for hair and beauty products, as well as choices in wardrobe. If your criteria are quality, fashion and price, consider a new factor: environmentally sustainable products. Making small changes in your daily purchases, even during this lockdown period, will have a positive impact on sustainability and the health of the planet.

Gain insights into how your choices as consumers impact the environment for all. Guided by Fiona Smiddy, Founder at Green Outlook, and Kathryn O'Regan, Digital Editor at Sleek, think how you can switch from fast fashion towards more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Please email questions in advance to to the NextGen Dublin committee by Monday, 1 June or you may submit them during the webinar.

Please RSVP promptly. The webinar registration link will be emailed separately closer to the date of the event.

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DATE: Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

TIME: 9:30 AM N. America West Coast
11:30 AM Chicago and Cayman
12:30 PM N. America East Coast
5:30 PM London and Dublin

We will begin promptly at 5:30 PM.



Fiona Smiddy, Green Outlook, Founder
Kathryn O’Regan, Sleek Magazine, Digital Editor

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