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Where does 100WF currently host education sessions?

100WF hosts education events on-line and in-person.  Our on-line events are typically presented in a webinar format and open to our global membership. In-person events are hosted in one of the many global locations where 100WF has operations. The venues for in-person events are often corporate office spaces or hired sites for large gatherings.


I’d like to organize an education session in my city, but I don’t see an established committee. What should I do?

100WF occasionally hosts events in cities without an established volunteer committee. To organize an event in a city without a location committee, or to discuss 100WF’s process for establishing a new location, please contact 100WF’s CEO.


Who may attend 100WF education sessions?

100WF global webinar events are open to all 100WF members who are current with their annual access fees. 100WF in-person education events are also open all members in good standing, however Global Premium members enjoy priority registration status in 100WF’s premium locations: New York, London and Hong Kong.  In these cities, Global Standard member registrations will be initially placed on a wait list and notified if space is available after Global Premium members have been accommodated.  100WF occasionally allows guest registrations at our events, when accompanied by a member in good standing.


How much does it cost to attend a session?

Admission is free (rare exceptions exist), provided that all access fees and no-show fees have been paid.


Do I need to register for 100WF ahead of time?

Yes. Admission to 100WF events is given to members who have registered for the event in advance.


Will I be admitted if I show up late?

Latecomers will be admitted at the discretion of 100WF’s event organizers.


What should I do if I register for an event but cannot attend?

If you cannot attend at 100WF event, please notify the staff soon as possible. For most in-person events, there is a modest “no-show” fee which is donated to 100WF’s Investing in the Next Generation initiative. Members are not admitted to future events until outstanding no-show fees have been settled.


Why does 100WF have a no-show fee policy?

100WF’s no-show policy encourages helpful behavior. Specifically, it contributes to a higher level of commitment to attend events for which one has registered.  Many 100WF events are fully-subscribed, and occasionally members are turned away due to space constraints.  Furthermore, 100WF events are produced by volunteer organizers, speakers and hosts, who also incur costs for hospitality, security, etc. Out of courtesy for those who do the work to produce 100WF events, the no-show policy helps to ensure greater predictably of event attendance figures.  Our no-show fee is nominal and is currently the equivalent of $25 USD/missed event.


Do I still have to pay the no-show fee if I give notice well in advance? What if I find someone to replace me?

Yes. Many of our in-person events require us to coordinate with our host venues and attendee lists are finalized well in advance. We do not have the capacity to track cancellations and find replacements.


What happens if I do not pay the no-show fee in a timely manner?

Should you not pay your no-show fee in a timely manner, you will not be permitted to register for future 100WF events.


Where do no-show fees go?

No-show fees are donated to 100WF’s Investing in the Next Generation initiative to support our mission to introduce pre-career women of diverse backgrounds to career opportunities in the global finance industry.