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Where does 100WF currently host education sessions?

Events are currently held monthly in New York and London and regularly world­wide in Bermuda, Cayman, Geneva, Hong Kong, Lugano, Milan, Malta, Middle East, Paris, Singapore and Toronto as well as other major U.S. locations including Boston, California, North, California, South, Chicago, Connecticut / Westchester, Minneapolis, and North Carolina.


I’d like to organize an education session in my city but I don’t see an established committee. What should I do?

Event locations are expanding on a global basis. To organize an event in your city, please contact 100WF’s CEO regarding criteria for events in new locations.


Who may attend education sessions?

100WF full members will receive priority registration status to all events. Supporters will be initially placed on a wait list and notified if space is available after full members have had a chance to RSVP.


How much does it cost to attend a session?

Admission is free (unless otherwise noted), provided that all access fees and no-show fees have been paid.


Do I need to RSVP ahead of time?

Space is limited, and walk-ins are not permitted, so please RSVP immediately.


Will I be admitted if I show up late?

Latecomers will be admitted at the discretion of 100WF.


What should I do if I register for an event but cannot attend?

If you cannot attend, please let us know as soon as possible. For most events, there is a modest “no-show” fee which is donated to the current beneficiary of the organization’s fundraising efforts.


What is the organization’s no-show policy and why is it implemented?

100WF does not charge its members entrance fees for attending events. It does not pay hosts, speakers, or volunteers who offer their time and resources to organize these events. Consequently, we believe that a nominal fee ($25 for U.S., Bermuda and Cayman Island events, $25CAD for Canadian events, £20 for U.K. events, CHF30 for Swiss events, €20 for Euro-zone country and Malta events, SGD30 for Singapore events, US$25 for Middle East events, and $200HKD for Hong Kong events) charged to members who register for an event but cannot or do not attend – granted fully and directly to a charitable cause – is fair. We thank you in advance for honoring this policy.


Do I still have to pay the no-show fee if I give notice well in advance? What if I find someone to replace me?

Yes. Many of our events require us to coordinate with our host venues and attendee lists are finalized well in advance. We do not have the capacity to track cancellations and find replacements. We appreciate your understanding regarding this policy.


What happens if I do not pay the no-show fee in a timely manner?

Should you not remit your no-show fee in a timely manner, you will not be permitted to register for future events.


Where do no-show fees go?

All proceeds are donated to the current beneficiary of the organization’s fundraising efforts. For further details please visit the beneficiaries section of our web site.


How do I pay a no-show fee for an event?

Be sure to sign in at each event you attend. Otherwise, a link for your location’s no-show fee payment will be sent via email just after the event. You can also review and pay your fee by logging in. To pay by wire transfer, please contact the Membership committee for details. We do not charge no-show fees for events that are pre-paid, including Philanthropy events, Professional Image Initiative events, and select others.