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2020 Global FundWomen Week is a virtual, free conference for female Fund Managers and Institutional Investors and Consultants committed to placing capital with women-led investment teams. The conference is an expression of 100 Women in Finance’s Vision for 30×40, in which women will perform 30% of investment team and finance industry executive positions by 2040, globally. 



Investing with Female Fund Managers – An Endowment & Foundation Perspective

E&F leaders discuss how gender diverse fund managers are considered in their investment portfolios. The panel will address allocation to women-led investment teams, communication with existing managers about the value of diversity, and collaboration with consultants and other parties to improve gender diversity within investment teams.

Monday, November 9 at 2:00 PM ET – Register Soon!

Karen Eifler, CFA Head, Marketable Securities, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Tony Gattuso, Director of Investments, Cleveland Foundation
Monica Issar, Global Head of Multi-Asset & Portfolio Solutions, J.P. Morgan
Paula Volent, CIO, Bowdoin College Endowment
Susan Webb, Founder and CIO, Appomattox (Moderator)

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Family Office Fireside Chat – Capturing Investment Advantages while Tackling Investment Challenges

A revealing conversation offering a privileged look into family offices’ real investment objectives, their common challenges, the importance of an investment framework, and an implementation case study illustrating the process of aligning objectives with a framework.

Tuesday, November 10 at 4:15 PM ET – Register Soon!

Mary Robbins, CIO and CFO, Family Office
Nadine Terman, CEO, Solstein Capital (Moderator)

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APAC Senior Investors Talk. Looking towards 2021 with the hindsight of an “unprecedented” 2020

2020 will go down in history as a year to remember – for good and bad. As the reality of Covid-19 and its impact on the economy hit, “unprecedented” may have become one of the most commonly used words to describe global events this year: the extent and speed of the sell-off of financial markets in March, the scale and scope of monetary policy response globally and the subsequent magnitude and divergence of recovery. Three of APAC’s highly respected investment leaders will join us in this webinar to discuss what lies ahead for markets in 2021, the investment strategies most suited to this environment and how to position portfolios for what looks set to be another unprecedented year ahead.

This session is generously sponsored by J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

Tuesday, November 10 at 8:00 PM ET – Register Soon!

Tanya Branwhite Head of Portfolio Construction, NSW Treasury Corporation NEW missing on website
Dr. Hua Fan CIO, China Merchants Bank Wealth Management Co Ltd
Tzu Mi LIEW Chief Investment Officer (Fixed Income), GIC
Sherene Ban CEO, Singapore and SouthEast Asia, J.P. Morgan Asset Management  (Moderator )

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EMEA Pension Investors Search for Diverse Talent

Major European pension funds actively invest in alternative strategies and influence how smaller institutional investors behave when allocating assets and sourcing managers. With insights related to the pandemic, the rise of ESG principles and practices, emerging asset classes, and the alpha opportunities found in diverse managers, learn from the largest investors how they are leading the industry, but also where they find inspiration from the boutique end of the spectrum.

Wednesday, November 11 at 11:00 AM ET – Register Soon!

Ingrid Albinsson, Deputy CEO, CIO, Seventh Swedish Pension Fund
Soo Kobberstad, Portfolio Manager, Local Pensions Partnership Investments
Sara Rejal, Head of Liquid Alternatives, Head of Real Assets, WTW
Michael O. Weinberg, CFA, Managing Director, Head of Hedge Funds and Alternative Alpha, APG
Kumar Panja, Managing Director, J.P. Morgan (Moderator)

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100 Women in Finance’s 2020 New York Gala

Global FundWomen Week participants are invited to enjoy the 100 Women in Finance 19th Annual Gala – a celebration of industry leaders and the 100 Women Impact Collective, collaborative platform that creates the demographic change we need in the global finance industry. Hear from 100WF’s leaders, our honorees and our program partners, whose work equips and inspires pre-career young women from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers in finance. Your presence and support are warmly welcome.  Donate here.

Wednesday, November 11 at 7:00 PM ET

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Thoughts from the Front Line: Investment Opportunities in Asian Technology, Consumer and Healthcare

The convergence of Asia’s digital revolution and demographic heft (Asia will soon be home to 60% of the world’s population age 65+) is creating massive impact on healthcare and immense opportunity for the adoption and scaling of new technologies. Asia-based fund managers discuss the industries and companies that are changing the lives of billions, with particular emphasis on healthcare, including COVID effects and China’s transition from a service-oriented to a consumption-led economy.

Thursday, November 12 at 8:00 AM ET – Register Soon!

Dr. Lindi Tan, Senior Analyst, Greenwoods Asset Management
Lan Xue, Partner/ Investment Research, Trivest Advisors Limited
Nancy Yang, CIO, CloudAlpha Capital
Denise Hu, Founding Partner, CIO, Archer Asia – Rockhampton (Moderator)


Institutional Investor Participants

The below Institutional Investors and Investment Consultants have pledged introductory meetings with women who lead a diverse range of investable portfolios (as of October16, 2020). This list includes only participants who elected to be listed publicly.

Pension Plans

Aware Super
CPP Investments
Illinois State Universities Retirement System
Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System
NYC Pensions
NYSNA Pension Plan
PRI Pensionsgaranti
Teacher Retirement System of Texas
Teachers’ Retirement System of Illinois

Foundations & Endowments

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Davidson College
Global CSR Foundation
Global Endowment Management
Northwestern Memorial Healthcare Office of Investments
Partners HealthCare (Mass General Brigham)
Princeton University Investment Company (PRINCO)
Northwestern University
The Annie E. Casey Foundation
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
Trinity Church Wall Street
University of California
University of Pennsylvania
Vanderbilt University

Funds of Funds

ABS Investment Management
Illumen Capital
Lighthouse Partners
Northern Trust
Old Farm Partners
UBS Hedge Fund Solutions
UBS Multi-Manager Solutions
YRD Capital

Single and Multi-Family Offices

Archer Asia – Rockhampton Management Ltd.
Clear Manor Management
Gilder Office for Growth
Nottingham Spirk Family Office
SFG Asset Advisors
TAG Associates

Investment Companies, Asset Managers, Wealth Managers and Private Capital Firms

Aetos Alternative Management
Allianz Global Investors
Capricorn Investment Group
Catholic Investment Services
CTF Asset Management
Deutsche Bank
Fiduciary Trust International
Fulcrum Asset Management
GCM Grosvenor
Harbert Management Corp.
Jordan Park Group
JP Morgan Securities
Morgan Stanley
Pangaea Ventures
Royal Bank of Canada Global Asset Management
SingAlliance (Hong Kong) Limited
Stable Asset Management
TIFF Investment Management
Xponance (previously named FIS Group)
Wells Fargo

Investment Consultants

Cambridge Associates
Ellwood Associates
Meketa Investment Group
Segal Marco Advisors
Willis Towers Watson




Fund Participants

Acadian Asset Management ❖ Advance Global Capital ❖ Alcentra Limited ❖ Alder Capital ❖ AllianceBernstein LP ❖ Alpine Peaks Capital, LP ❖ AltraVue Capital ❖ American Century Investments ❖ Anchor Capital ❖ Anthemis Group ❖ Apeira Capital ❖ Apeiron Capital Limited ❖ Arbor Ventures ❖ Ardinall Investment Management ❖ Area One Farms ❖ Aremus Partners ❖ Aruwa Capital Management ❖ AvantFaire Investment Management ❖ Avestria Ventures ❖ Beyond Capital Ventures ❖ Beyond Investing LLC ❖ BioRock Ventures ❖ Blackbird Ventures ❖ Blue Orbit Asset Management ❖ Burrage Capital ❖ CAIM LLC. ❖ Cary Street Partners ❖ CHANGE Global Investment, LLC ❖ China Alpha Fund Management (HK) Limited  ❖ China Orient International Asset Management Limited ❖ Chloe Capital ❖ Cirera Capital ❖ Columbia Threadneedle Investments ❖ Continuum Capital Limited ❖ Corson Capital ❖ Cross Creek ❖

Davidson Kempner ❖ DIF Capital Partners ❖ Domini Impact Investments ❖ DoubleLine Capital ❖ Dynamk Capital  ❖ Eight Bridges Capital Management ❖ Enko Capital ❖ Entangled Capital SGR ❖ EPFC Asset Management ❖ Excel Investment (HK) Limited ❖ FACT Capital ❖ FERN Impact Partners ❖ Fernbrook Capital Management LLC ❖ Gagnon Securities ❖ Galapagos Ventures ❖ Gemcorp Capital LLP ❖ Genoa Ventures v Global Infrastructure Finance LLC ❖ GlobeFlex Capital, L.P. ❖ GMO LLC ❖ Good Growth Capital ❖ GOODSOILVC.COM ❖ Grand Alliance Asset Management Limited ❖ Grandeur Peak Global Advisors ❖ Grasshopper Capital ❖ Greenwoods Asset Management HK Ltd ❖ Greenwoods Investments SG PTE Ltd ❖ Gresham Investment Management ❖ Hadean Ventures ❖ Hannah Grey ❖ Her Capital ❖ Highgate Capital Group ❖ Highline Beta ❖ Hometeam Ventures ❖ Honeytree Investment Management Ltd. ❖

How Women Invest LLC ❖ Ides Capital Management LP ❖ Illuminate Ventures ❖ Impactive Capital ❖ Iridium 77 Management. LLC  ❖ Jamieson Coote Bonds ❖ Kinzie Capital Partners LLC ❖ L&R Capital Ltd ❖ LaSalle Investment Management ❖ LendInvest ❖ Lesa Sroufe & Company ❖ LGT Capital Partners (Asia-Pacific) Ltd. ❖ Light House Hill Capital Management LP ❖ Lioness Capital Management LP ❖ Longlead Capital Partners ❖ Lord Abbett ❖ LORICA Asset Management ❖ Lumen Global Investments LLC ❖ LyGH Capital ❖ Main Sequence Ventures ❖ Man GLG ❖ Man Group ❖ Manitou Investment Management Ltd. ❖ Martin Investment Management, LLC ❖ Matarin Capital Management ❖ Matthews International Capital Management ❖ MayTech Global Investments, LLC ❖ MB Global Partners LLC ❖ Metis Global Partners ❖ Mindshift Captial Management LLC Registration ❖ Mizzen Capital ❖ Modular Asset ❖

Management ❖ MSquared ❖ NCS Ventures ❖ Neo Ivy Capital ❖ Nia Impact Capital ❖ Nicholas Investment Partners ❖ Nipun Capital, L.P. ❖ Nordic Impact Funds ❖ NOVA Infrastructure ❖ One Tusk Investment Partners LP ❖ Opti Capital Management, LP ❖ Outlines Venture Group ❖ Overlook Investments ❖ Pana LCE ❖ Pangaea Ventures ❖ Pappas Capital ❖ Patient Capital Management ❖ Pelham Global Financials ❖ PICEA INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LIMITED ❖ Pictet Asset Management ❖ PIMCO ❖ Platinum Asset Management ❖ Plum Alley ❖ Ponte Partners ❖ Promethos Capital ❖ PruVen Capital ❖ Quadratic Capital ❖ Red Reef Partners, LP ❖ Redwood Investments, LLC ❖ Rondure Global Advisors ❖ Rose Grove Capital Management ❖ Rosedge Capital AG ❖ RS Investments v Runde & Co. LLC ❖ RWC Partners ❖ Sage Capital ❖ Samata Capital ❖ Sanari Capital ❖ Sandglass Capital Advisors LLC

Sixteenth Street Capital ❖ SKY Harbor Capital Management ❖ SKYY Asia Investment, GK ❖ Snowcat Capital Management ❖ Solstein Capital, LLC ❖ Sonya Capital Management LLC ❖ Sound Mark Partners ❖ Sphera Healthcare ❖ Spiral Sun Ventures ❖ Starlight Ventures ❖ Starz Mortgage Capital Ltd. ❖ StillBrook Capital v Systematica ❖ Tall Trees Capital Management, LP ❖ Tashi Capital Management Ltd. ❖ Terra Firma Capital Partners ❖ Tetragon Credit Partners ❖ The Artemis Fund ❖ The Venture Collective ❖ thirdACT PBC ❖ Times Three ❖ Triada Capital ❖ Tribeca Investment Partners ❖ Trilogy Partners Limited ❖ Trivest Advisors ❖ True Wealth Ventures ❖ Turning Rock Partners ❖ TVM Capital Healthcare Partners ❖ Unicorn Growth Capital ❖ Unitus Capital ❖ Uplift Investing, Inc ❖ Upper Bay Infrastructure Partners ❖ Vassalou Capital Management ❖ VERTU Capitalv Voltan Capital Management, LLC ❖

VWH Capital Management, LP ❖ W Fund ❖ Weaver Barksdale ❖ Wei Capital Management Limited ❖ Wellington Management ❖ Wincrest Capital ❖ Xingtai Capital Management Ltd ❖ Zevin Asset Management


Global FundWomen Week Committee Volunteers

Global FundWomen Week is produced by a volunteer committee of senior 100 Women in Finance members who dedicate their time, investment expertise and industry knowledge toward supporting other women in their finance industry careers. Their efforts make this event possible.

Global Committee Chair

Ulrika Robertsson

Impactus Partners

Global Sponsor Lead

Niamh Taylor

J.P. Morgan


Dagmar Baeuerle

InvenTIO Capital Management (HK) Limited

East Coast USA

Drianne Benner


East Coast USA

Marta Cotton

Matarin Capital Management

West Coast USA

Marianne O, CFA

Lumen Global Investments LLC

West Coast USA

Nadine Terman

Solstein Capital LLC

East Coast USA

Soobin Yoo

Christofferson Robb & Company


Joyce Chan

J.P. Morgan

N. America

Jennifer Franco Dias

J.P. Morgan


Lydia Guett

Cambridge Associates


Ellen Hogan

J.P. Morgan


Denise Hu

Archer Asia – Rockhampton Management

West Coast USA

Allyson Johnson

Gateway Partners


Anastassia Kobeleva

CPP Investments


Katie Lee



Holly Murnieks

J.P. Morgan


Eileen Salis

N. America

Alex Santini

J.P. Morgan

N. America

Mackenzie Snyder

J.P. Morgan


Susan Thomas

J.P. Morgan

N. America

Siobhan Turano

J.P. Morgan


Eleanor Ware

J.P. Morgan

N. America

Angelica Zhang

J.P. Morgan




JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) is a leading global financial services firm with assets of $2.7 trillion and operations worldwide. The Firm is a leader in investment banking, financial services for consumers and small businesses, commercial banking, financial transaction processing, and asset management. A component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, JPMorgan Chase & Co. serves millions of customers in the United States and many of the world’s most prominent corporate, institutional and government clients under its J.P. Morgan and Chase brands. Information about JPMorgan Chase & Co. is available at




100 Women in Finance expresses appreciation to our sponsor, J.P. Morgan, and our supporting pro-bono partners iConnections and Schulte Roth & Zabel LLC.  We are additionally grateful to our volunteer Global FundWomen Conference Committee members, and to the firms for which they work, for recognizing the importance of this event with the allowed use of their employees’ time and expertise.



iConnections is a community that connects the investment management industry year-round. The iConnections platform is a software that seamlessly connects managers and allocators for virtual meetings, giving managers the ability to subscribe and share information with allocators who can efficiently select and meet managers all on one platform.  The scalable technology powering iConnections can be used for bespoke events by managers, allocators and service providers.  In an environment where physical events and meetings are no longer the norm, iConnections reimagines how the investment industry connects. Visit to learn more.

Schulte Roth & Zabel

Schulte Roth & Zabel (SRZ) was founded in 1969 and has been at the forefront of the alternative investment management space from offices in London, New York and Washington, DC. SRZ lawyers provide advice on both UK and US law to a wide variety of funds, managers and investors worldwide. The firm’s market-leading investment management group provides counsel on structuring hedge funds, private equity funds, debt funds, real estate funds, hybrid funds, structured products, UCITS and other regulated funds, as well as providing regulatory and tax advice. SRZ handles all aspects of fund formation and operations on a full-service basis, adopting a cross-disciplinary approach to client service by employing the expertise of multiple practice groups. Notably, SRZ is one of only a few law firms with a dedicated regulatory and compliance practice within its private funds practice.



Greentarget is a leading communications consultancy advising the global financial industry. Our clients are some of the most sophisticated financial services firms in the world, operating at the intersection of finance and technology. We advise companies operating across financial services and financial markets – this includes banks, asset managers, hedge funds, wealth managers, trading platforms, market infrastructures and fintechs.  Our clients play a critical role in facilitating global capital flows and we help them tell their stories with purpose and credibility. Visit to learn more.

Additional Appreciation:

This event was further enabled by the 100 Women in Finance’s Global Association Board, Global Advisory Council, Global Angel supporters, 15,000+ membership and the 100 Women in Finance team, especially Zara Jamil, McKenna Forrest, Carolina De Brigard Wey, Alexandra McGuigan, Sarah Dyer, Ian Curry, Ann Henry and Amanda Pullinger.