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Premium level Global Members are professionals with experience in the alternative investment industry, including investors, or professionals in the broader financial services and community.

$150 for a 1 year membership (term valid for one year from payment date)
$350 for a full 3 year membership (term valid for three years from payment date)


Premium level Global Members who have paid their annual fee have access to 100WF’s full resources, including:

  • Priority registration status for Education sessions across the globe, including in our Premium locations: New York, London, and Hong Kong
  • Access to 100WF’s proprietary online business network, Community
  • Invitations to Networking events, and bespoke small group events
  • Access to the 100WF Job Board
  • Regular email communications
  • Volunteer Opportunities

100WF reserves the right to cancel the membership of any 100WF member whose standard of conduct is inconsistent with 100WF’s values.

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In the US, Access fee payments may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses to the extent permitted by the Internal Revenue Code, but not as charitable contributions.

In Hong Kong, Access fee payments cannot be deducted as charitable contributions for Hong Kong salaries tax purposes but such payments may be deductible as business expenses to the extent permitted by the Inland Revenue Ordinance if members are carrying on business in Hong Kong.

100WF is committed to equitable access to our membership and programs. If the cost of membership presents a barrier to your full participation, please advise us of your need. You may apply for a Concessionary Membership, offered at the discretion of 100 Women in Finance.