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The number of women in senior level positions throughout the financial industry is on the rise but what is the secret to their success? Join seasoned industry expert, Rupal Bansali, CIO & Portfolio Manager of International & Global Equities at Ariel Investments as she has candid conversations with accomplished women of diverse backgrounds in the financial industry. In just 30 minutes learn how you can accelerate your career path through the personal anecdotes of success and hiccups that shaped these women’s careers.

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About our host

Ms. Rupal Bhansali
CIO and Portfolio Manager, International and Global Equities,
Ariel Investments, LLC
100WF’s 2019 North America Industry Leadership Award Honoree

Based in New York, Ms. Bhansali began her buy-side career more than 20 years ago at Soros Fund Management, where she was a long-short equity investor. This formative experience continues to influence her work as a value investor. Today, in her role as Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, Ms. Bhansali manages $7 billion in international and global equity portfolios for both institutional and retail fund investors. Her penchant for non-consensus thinking and courage to go against the crowd have played a pivotal role in being recognized by the financial media for her contrarian and unconventional investment views, and her success in the financial markets.

Earlier this year, Ms. Bhansali became a member of the Barron’s Investment Roundtable, which showcases “10 of Wall Street’s smartest investors.” She is also the author of the forthcoming book Non-Consensus Investing: Being Right When Everyone Else is Wrong (October 2019).

Available Episodes

Episode 1, March 4, 2022:
Esmeralda del Bosque, Interim Principal Head of Global Equities at LaCera

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At an early age, earning a salary in the family tool business in Tijuana and learning to save 20% and invest 50% of this income formed the investment philosophy used by this episode’s guest to set her on a successful career path in finance.

In this first podcast of Coffee with Capital Allocators, Esmeralda del Bosque, Interim Principal Head of Global Equities at LaCera, shares the key inflections that shaped the arc of her 20+ year career as a minority woman in finance. Esmeralda speaks about her investment strategies, DEI at LaCera and the necessity of a work/life balance. Esmeralda leaves young women looking to accelerate their career path with the mantra “your network is your net worth!”