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Whether it is for access to the many educational events and resources we offer, the opportunity to build out your network or simply because you believe in the organization’s mission, we invite you to become a member of 100WF.

100WF is open to all genders. We are organized to be a lifelong connection for you at each career stage. Our registered members* range from university and graduate school students to those in the first decade of their careers, to the most experienced, senior levels of investment and executive leadership.

Student Membership

Thanks to the generous support of industry firms, 100 Women in Finance is proud to offer complimentary membership to currently enrolled students. These may be young people who may have a fledgling interest in finance but don’t know where to begin, or they may already be well-versed in industry opportunities and looking to further develop their network. Importantly, a 100 Women in Finance membership allows students to connect not only with working professionals, but also with peers at colleges and universities around the world – giving them insight beyond what their specific university may offer.

Corporate Membership

Many companies see membership in 100WF as a valuable investment in their employees’ industry education and professional networks and are pleased to support their staff in this way. If your corporation is interested in a group membership package, please contact us.


to make a difference.

One of the most rewarding benefits of being a member of 100WF is the opportunity to join a collaborative environment where you can expand your network, gain different perspectives, and enhance your skill set. It is also where you, as a member, can take an active part in carrying out the 100WF mission.

Our committees and groups are led by diverse and highly talented professionals from across the industry. Behind each of our Locations is a network of committees and volunteers that make the valuable educational and peer engagement programming that we offer possible.

We encourage you to visit your specific locale on our site and explore the many ways you can become involved—in addition to what you see here!

Additional Information

If you would like to change your current level of membership, please, contact us.

100WF is committed to equitable access to our membership and programs. If the cost of membership presents a barrier to your full participation, please advise us of your need. You may apply for a Concessionary Membership, offered at the discretion of 100 Women in Finance.

United States
In the US, Access fee payments may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses to the extent permitted by the Internal Revenue Code, but not as charitable contributions.

Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, Access fee payments cannot be deducted as charitable contributions for Hong Kong salaries tax purposes but such payments may be deductible as business expenses to the extent permitted by the Inland Revenue Ordinance if members are carrying on business in Hong Kong.

*Registered members are (i) individuals who have provided personal and professional information about themselves to 100WF, and have requested to be notified via email about 100WF’s events, programs, peer networks, impact opportunities and membership offers; or (ii) in the case of a company-sponsored membership, individuals whose contact information has been provided to 100WF by such company and who receive notifications via email about 100WF’s events, programs, peer networks, impact opportunities and membership offers.