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Global Association Board Members

Comprised of professional women and men who have distinguished themselves in our industry, our Board of Directors guides member and associate programs, oversees the activities of our committees, and directs focus for our strategic growth. As our industry and membership evolve, our Board also is broadening and deepening its representation, leadership, and execution capabilities.

100WF Global Chair

Lauren Malafronte

Managing Director

100WF Vice Chair

Elaine Crocker

Moore Capital Management

Dagmar Baeuerle

COO & Co-Founder
Inventio Capital Management (HK) Limited

Rupal Bhansali

CIO & Portfolio Manager, International & Global Equities
Ariel Investments

Christina Bodden


Diana Cantor

Alternative Investment Management, LLC

Carole K. Crawford, CFA

Managing Partner

Jennifer Dunn

Schulte Roth & Zabel

Mina Gerowin

Population Council

Dr Ulrike Hoffmann-Burchardi

Dr. Ulrike Hoffmann-Burchardi

Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager
Tudor Investment Corporation

Sara McKerihan

Managing Director
Citi Global Markets

Michelle Morris

Michelle Morris

Executive Director
Morgan Stanley

Barbara Novick

Vice Chairman

Archana Parekh

Portfolio Manager
Millennium Capital Management

Judith Posnikoff

Managing Director
Martlet Asset Management, LLC

Armando Senra

Head of US, Canada and Latin America iShares

J. Becket Wolf

Privet Capital, LLC

With thanks to our former Global Association Board members:

Jane Abitanta

Charlotte Beyer

‎Suzanne Brenner

Stephanie Breslow

Mimi Drake
(Former Board Chair)

Sarah Dyer Dana
(Co-Founder, 100WF)

Kristin Fox

Sonia Gardner
(Former Board Chair)

Kathryn Graham

Dana Hall
(Co-Founder, 100WF)

Heather James

Kathleen Kelley

Carol Kim
(Co-Founder - 100WF)

Joanne Pace

Anne Popkin
(Former Board Chair)

Mindy Posoff
(Former Board Vice Chair)

Lesley Rahl

Daphne Richards

Diane Schrader

Eve Teich

Ivanka Trump

Sandy Urie
(Former Board Vice Chair)

Paula Volent

Joan Werner


Emeritus Co-Founders and Global Association Board Members

100 Women in Finance expresses appreciation to the Emeritus members of our leadership for their contributions and an on-going commitment toward the organization’s growth, sustainability and impact.


Emeritus Co-Founders

Carol Kim

Dana Hall

Sarah Dyer Dana

Emeritus Chairs

Anne Popkin

Mimi Drake

Sonia Gardner

Emeritus Vice Chairs

Mindy Posoff

Sandra Urie

Emeritus Treasurer

Joan Werner

Emeritus Directors

Suzanne Brenner

Eve Teich


100WF Hong Kong Foundation Board


Dagmar Baeuerle

InvenTio Capital Management


Carol Kim

Senior Managing Director


100 Women in Finance Foundation

With thanks to our former London Board members:

Olivia Bernard

Paola Bissoli

Sona Blessing

Anna Chevallier

Effie Datson

Kristen Eshak Weldon

Lisa Fridman

Yulia Galasyuk

Kathryn Graham

Heather Lockhart

Mandy Mannix

Roxanne Mosley Sargent

Sheryl Needham

Natasha Pope

Claire Smith

Gillian Wall

Kerrie Walsh



Our team represents a diversity of professional backgrounds and works collaboratively with our Board of Directors, Advisors, and locations worldwide to execute our mission. Led by a Chief Executive Officer and distributed across continents, our employees are committed to professionalism and teamwork.

100WF Chief Executive Officer

Amanda Pullinger

Chief Operating Officer

Ann Henry

Chief Marketing Officer

Sheri Zekraus

Global Director - 100 Women Impact Collective

Chaitali Patel

Alexis Belladonna

Global Director of Peer Engagement and Location Innovation

Carolina de Brigard

Event Coordinator, The Americas

Typhaine de Bure

Event Coordinator, APAC

Janet Falk

Consulting Director, Global Communications

McKenna Forrest

Associate of Operations

Katie Hebert

Corporate Sponsorship Liaison

Zara Jamil

Director, EMEA

Allison Jegla

US Program and Partnerships Lead - 100 Women Impact Collective

Mously Lo

Special Projects Coordinator

Alexandra McGuigan

Global Director of Development

Brigitte Spinthourakis

Associate, Membership and Administrative Services

Lena Wong

Pre-Career Initiatives Lead in Hong Kong


Global Advisory Council

Created in 2012, the Global Advisory Council works to enhance global opportunities for our operating committees, share best practices and provide valuable feedback to the CEO and 100WF Global Association Board about the needs and perspectives of the organization’s global membership.

The Global Advisory Council is composed of members that reflect 100WF’s global community, and who function as ambassadors to volunteer committee leaders and members in each of 100WF’s locations.


Christina Bodden


Angilynn Baraud


Sona Blessing

Independent Research Specialist Alternative Alternatives & Moderator

Michelle Chivunga

Global Policy House

Marta Cotton

Matarin Capital Management

Colleen Davis


Sarah FitzMorris

Executives in Africa

Yulia Galasyuk


Martha Jaramillo

Independent Consultant

Lisa Johnson


Katy LeDoyen

Observatory Group

Kristin Mott

Amberlake Capital

Sophie Neuhut

Twelve Capital AG

Lisa Petrelli


Amy Poster

Alpha Pacific Strategies

Odette Samson

Deloitte & Touche

Anita Hill Sands

Intuition Financial Placement

Paige Scott

Kingsley Gate Partners

Sara Terheggen

The NBD Group, Inc.

Yael Tzur

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Alicia Vidler


Frances Weston (Kinloch)


Giuliana Young

Leucadia Asset Management

Vanessa Yuan

Stansberry Asset Management

With thanks to our past Advisory Council members:

Martha Dabagian

Cynthia Harrington

Katarina Royds

Amanda Tepper