Upcoming Events

100 Women in Finance events are smartly curated to facilitate meaningful connections and deliver high-impact programming in a variety of formats.

Be Part of our Global and Regional Events

As 100 Women in Finance continues to expand our presence around the world, we’re excited to offer our members 250+ annual regional and global events. Each event is presented by industry leaders and sponsors to provide high impact and meaningful information to participants. These events give members the chance to expand networking opportunities that join and inspire us regionally and internationally.

Whether in-person, online, or virtually, no matter where you are in the world, each event on the calendar is meant to facilitate meaningful connections and target a wide variety of current topics, trends, and events sponsored across our regional and global finance communities. 

Check out the upcoming events and sign up to participate. Each event is listed chronologically on the calendar highlighted under the categories including: Education, Peer Engagement: Networking, Peer Engagement: Early Career, Impact, and more!

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Our events include annual galas in New York, London, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, Toronto and Bermuda, and smaller fundraisers in our locations worldwide. Through location-driven partnerships our members also participate in charity walks and runs to benefit meaningful causes and organizations.
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FundWomen Week

Join us for a weeklong event of targeted introductions and roundtable sessions with a diverse network of industry professionals.  Global FundWomen Week provides the platform to explore business opportunities, develop new relationships, and hear allocator perspectives.
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