Empowering women in finance.

100 Women in Finance is a global organization committed to gender equity in finance by promoting diversity, raising visibility, and empowering women to find their personal path to success. We connect women at every career stage, including pre-career, to a global network of people and resources.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the global finance industry by empowering women to achieve their professional potential at each career stage. We operate under a guiding principle that we call Vision 30/40. It is the goal for women to occupy 30% of investment team and executive leadership roles by 2040.


Together we are building on our rich heritage of empowering women across the finance industry.

Our People

We carry out our mission through the dedicated work put forth by our Board, staff, Global Council and most importantly, the 500+ active volunteers we have around the world.

Our Supporters

Our work is made possible through the commitment and support of our many supporters and donors.

CEO Circle

The CEO Circle devotes resources to programs that support the entry and upward mobility of all under-represented minority women into finance careers.

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Corporate Sponsors

We are grateful for the many longstanding relationships we have with our corporate sponsors around the world who are dedicated to increasing the representation of women in finance overall and the percentage of women in leadership positions.

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Global Angels
Global Angels generously invest in our mission to work together to empower women in finance.

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