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Get an insider’s view of what it takes to become a Chief Investment Officer and the impact exerted by those who manage billions of dollars in funds. In Candid Conversations with CIOs, Rupal Bhansali, Board Member of 100 Women in Finance, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager of International & Global Equities at Ariel Investments, will showcase how a CIO role can have a powerful and positive impact on society at large as well as be professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling. 

Candid Conversations with CIOs is a monthly spotlight series that is designed to inform and inspire women from all backgrounds and career levels.

Episode 1

Debbie Kuenstner, Wellesley College &
Sandra Robertson, OUEM Ltd

How does the role of CIO in each sector resemble the others and where does it diverge? Debby Kuenstner, Chief Investment Officer, Wellesley College Investment Office, and Sandra Robertson, Chief Investment Officer, OUEM Ltd will reflect on their experience in this initial program of Candid Conversations with CIOs.

21 July 2021

09:00 AM N. America West Coast
12:00 PM N. America East Coast
05:00 PM London – Dublin
06:00 PM CET

Debby Kuenstner, Wellesley College
Sandra Robertson, OUEM Ltd
Rupal Bhansali, Moderator, Ariel Investments

Sponsored by
Ariel Investments

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