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Throughout 2021, we celebrate our twentieth year with special events and recognition of the member volunteers who have built 100WF into today’s leading organization dedicated to the advancement of women in the global finance industry.

Since our founding in 2001, 100WF’s pillars of Education, Peer Engagement and Impact have established a foundation of purpose, achievement and confidence that will guide the organization’s future growth and focus on attaining its 30×40 Vision in the next twenty years.

20th Anniversary Events

Please follow our Events Calendar  for details about events tied to our 20th Anniversary.

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We encourage you to support 100WF’s mission and growth and invite you to invest in our future. Many opportunities exist to extend the reach for our work, expand services to our members and create impact in the global finance industry.


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A Year-Long Celebration of our Volunteer Leaders

100WF’s mission is advanced by volunteer leaders who serve on committees, provide governance, and support our growth. In 2021, they will be collectively recognized with 100W’s Effecting Change Award, which commends those who create more expansive opportunities for women in the global finance industry.

Profile Lynda Abadou

Lynda Abadou

Profile Vanessa Abernethy

Vanessa Abernethy

Profile Rebecca Adel

Rebecca Adel

Profile Saumya Aggarwal

Saumya Aggarwal

Profile Tanushree Agrawal

Tanushree Agrawal

Profile Sanem Alkan

Sanem Alkan

Profile Kelly Alvarez

Kelly Alvarez

Charina Amunategui

Profile Jennifer Ancker Whelen

Jennifer L. Ancker Whelen

Profile Edel Andersen

Edel Andersen

Profile Diana Arakelyan

Diana Arakelyan

Erin Arvedlund

Zela Astarjian

Profile Rushika Athia

Rushika Athia

Profile Paula Attie

Paula Attie

Profile Elise Auer

Elise Auer

Profile Maya Aweida

Maya Aweida

Profile Alpha Baid

Alpha Baid

Profile Bronwyn Bailey

Bronwyn Bailey

Profile Lucy Balicki

Lucy Balicki

Profile Heather Balke

Heather Balke

Profile Diane Banta

Diane Banta

Profile Angilynn Baraud

Angilynn Baraud

Profile Lyssa Barber

Lyssa Barber

Profile Linda Bartosch

Linda Bartosch

Profile Laura Batty

Laura Batty

Profile Michelle McCarthy Beck

Michelle McCarthy Beck

Profile Sherrie Beehler

Sherrie Beehler

Profile Caroline Bell-Ritchie

Caroline Bell-Ritchie

Profile Drianne Benner

Drianne Benner

Profile Nikki Bentley

Nikki Bentley

Profile Stephanie Beran

Stephanie Beran

Profile Jennifer Bergenfeld

Jennifer Bergenfeld

Profile Yvonne Beri

Yvonne Beri

Profile Rajmeet Bhatti

Rajmeet Bhatti

Profile Angela Billick

Angela Billick

Profile Anne-Sofie Biltoft

Anne-Sofie Biltoft

Profile Francoise Birnholz

Francoise Birnholz

Profile Paola Bissoli

Paola Bissoli

Profile Sona Blessing

Sona Blessing

Profile Valerie Blume

Valerie Blume

Profile Francesca Boccia

Francesca Boccia

Profile Christina Bodden

Christina Bodden

Profile Caitlin Bonner

Caitlin Bonner

Profile Sophie Bonvin

Sophie Bonvin

Profile Dorothee Borca Dumortier

Dorothée Borca Dumortier

Profile Emily Bouch

Emily Bouch

Profile Simone Bouch

Simone Bouch

Elizabeth Bradley

Profile Katie Braggins

Katie Braggins

Profile Suzanne Brenner

Suzanne Brenner

Profile Bianca Brown

Bianca Brown

Profile Ann Browning Hollingsworth

Ann Browning Hollingsworth

Profile Nicole Buettner

Nicole Buettner

Profile Sasha Burstein

Sasha Burstein

Profile Hannah Busick

Hannah Busick

Profile Amanda Cain

Amanda Cain

Profile Francesca Campanelli

Francesca Campanelli

Profile Caroline Cathcart

Caroline Cathcart

Profile Renee Caudeiron

Renee Caudeiron

Profile Cam Chan

Cam Chan

Profile Fiona Chan

Fiona Chan

Profile Katherine Chan

Katherine Chan

Profile Radiance Chapman

Radiance Chapman

Profile Zoe Charny

Zoe Charny

Profile Ginny Cheok

Ginny Cheok

Profile Anna Chevallier

Anna Chevallier

Profile Bonita Choi

Bonita Choi

Profile Sarah Christensen

Sarah Christensen

Profile Jessica Clark Barrow

Jessica Clark Barrow

Profile Wendy Cochran

Wendy Cochran

Profile Wendy Cohen

Wendy Cohen

Profile Isabelle Cohen Solal

Isabelle Cohen Solal

Profile Jennifer Collins

Jennifer Collins

Profile Emma Conaty

Emma Conaty

Profile Hannah Cooney

Hannah Cooney

Profile Julia Cormier

Julia Cormier

Profile Lily Corson

Lily Corson

Profile Marta Cotton

Marta Cotton

Profile Juliette Cottrill

Juliette Cottrill

Profile Erika Cramer

Erika Cramer

Profile Mary Crowgey

Mary Crowgey

Profile Jennifer Csaszar

Jennifer Csaszar

Profile Romy Cuadras

Romy Cuadras

Profile Nicoletta Cugliari

Nicoletta Cugliari

Profile Martha Dabagian

Martha Dabagian

Profile Fay Dalby

Fay Dalby

Profile Effie K Datson

Effie K. Datson

Profile Sarah Davidoff

Sarah Davidoff

Profile Colleen Davis

Colleen Davis

Profile Miren-Edurne De Frutos

Miren-Edurne De Frutos

Profile Martha deLivron

Martha deLivron

Profile Netila Demneri

Netila Demneri

Profile Elizabeth Denman

Elizabeth Denman

Profile Neda Derlokova

Neda Derlokova

Profile Marissa Desrochers

Marissa Desrochers

Profile Lara Deysel

Lara Deysel

Profile Lauren DiCerbo

Lauren DiCerbo

profile Nicolette DiMaggio

Nicolette DiMaggio

Profile Michelle Domanico

Michelle Domanico

Profile Fionnuala Donnelly

Fionnuala Donnelly

Profile Jessica Dontas

Jessica Dontas

Profile Carole Dorgans

Carole Dorgans

Profile Ailbhe Doyle

Ailbhe Doyle

Profile Mimi Drake

Mimi Drake

Profile Carolyn du Toit

Carolyn du Toit

Lorena Dunne

Profile Bev Durston

Bev Durston

Profile Melanie Dussarrat

Mélanie Dussarrat

Profile Sarah Dyer Dana

Sarah Dyer Dana

Profile Nicole Dyskant

Nicole Dyskant

Profile Sheree Ebanks

Sheree Ebanks

Profile Olivia Eijking

Olivia Eijking

Profile Zoe Ennin

Zoe Ennin

Profile Joanna Ernst

Joanna Ernst

Profile Wendy Esaw

Wendy Esaw

Profile Kristen Eshak Weldon

Kristen Eshak Weldon

Profile Jessica Everard

Jessica Everard

Profile Andrea Fagan

Andrea Fagan

Profile Janet Falk

Janet Falk

Profile Natasha Fedorow

Natasha Fedorow

Profile Gail Fell

Gail Fell

Profile Chelsea Fennedy Mety

Chelsea Fennedy Mety

Profile Louiza Ferrara

Louiza Ferrara

Profile Karina Fin

Karina Fin

Profile Kelly Fisherkeller

Kelly Fisherkeller

Profile Rebekah Flig

Rebekah Flig

Profile Brittany Fox

Brittany Fox

Profile Kristin Fox

Kristin Fox

Profile Monique Frederick

Monique Frederick

Profile Anne-Cathrine Frogg Spadola

Anne-Cathrine Frogg Spadola

Profile Karman Fung

Karman Fung

Profile Yulia Galasyuk

Yulia Galasyuk

Profile Leigh Gallagher

Leigh Gallagher

Profile Lina Gao

Lina Gao

Profile Kay Garkusha

Kay Garkusha

Profile Candace Garthwaite

Candace Garthwaite

Profile Genna Garver

Genna Garver

Profile Laura Garzon

Laura Garzon

Profile Megan Gay

Megan Gay

Profile Fatima Gholem

Fatima Gholem

Profile Nasrine Ghozali

Nasrine Ghozali

Profile Radoslava Giambelli

Radoslava Giambelli

Profile Hannah Gillean

Hannah Gillean

Profile Tarryn Gillett

Tarryn Gillett

Profile Dallas Gilpin

Dallas Gilpin

Profile Mary Beth Glaccum

Mary Beth Glaccum

Profile Gemma Godfrey

Gemma Godfrey

Profile Judy Godinho

Judy Godinho

Profile Leanne Golding

Leanne Golding

Profile Kira Golenko

Kira Golenko

Profile Sophie Goodman

Sophie Goodman

Profile Hannah Goodwin

Hannah Goodwin

Profile Kenzy Goodwin

Kenzy Goodwin

Profile Angela Gorder

Angela Gorder

Profile Aimee Gordon

Aimee Gordon

Profile Grace Gorman

Grace Gorman

Profile Sylvia Gottschling

Sylvia Gottschling

Profile Jennifer Graf

Jennifer Graf

Profile Kathryn Graham

Kathryn Graham

Profile Margaret Greata

Margaret Greata

Profile Shara Greenberg

Shara Greenberg

Profile Rachel Greene

Rachel Greene

Profile Kasheen Grewal

Kasheen Grewal

Profile Jadeh Grierson

Jadeh Grierson

Profile Jennifer Griffin

Jennifer Griffin

Profile Sandy Gross

Sandy Gross

Profile Mary Beth Grover

Mary Beth Grover

Profile Tara Gulla

Tara Gulla

Profile Janice Hall

Janice Hall

Profile Dana B Hall CFA

Dana B. Hall, CFA

Profile Kelsey Halley

Kelsey Halley

Profile Nathalie Hamelin - Chapuis

Nathalie Hamelin - Chapuis

Profile Mary Beth Hamilton

Mary Beth Hamilton

Profile Gretchen Hammes

Gretchen Hammes

Profile Nadia Hardie

Nadia Hardie

Profile Sierra Hardy

Sierra Hardy

Profile Maykala Hariharan

Maykala Hariharan

Profile Cynthia Harrington

Cynthia Harrington

Profile Pari Hashemi Magura

Pari Hashemi Magura

Profile Joy-Nadine Hayle

Joy-Nadine Hayle

Profile April Heitz

April Heitz

Profile Ali Herold

Ali Herold

Profile Stephanie Hickmott

Stephanie Hickmott

Profile Deborah Hill

Deborah Hill

Profile Donna Holmes

Donna Holmes

Profile Emily Holzmeister

Emily Holzmeister

Profile Catherine Houts

Catherine Houts

Profile Marina Hoyle

Marina Hoyle

Profile Denise Hu

Denise Hu

Profile Nyree Hu

Nyree Hu

Profile Katy Huang

Katy Huang

Profile Elise Hubsher

Elise Hubsher

Profile Sarah Humpleby

Sarah Humpleby

Profile Sarah Hunt

Sarah Hunt

Profile Constance Hunter

Constance Hunter

Profile Tahmina Igamberdiev

Tahmina Igamberdiev

Profile Polina Inculet

Polina Inculet

Profile Grace Irvin

Grace Irvin

Profile Babita Ittoo Devillers

Babita Ittoo Devillers

Profile Martha Jaramillo

Martha Jaramillo

Profile Allyson Johnson

Allyson Johnson

Profile Meredith Jones

Meredith Jones

Profile Kerry Jordan

Kerry Jordan

Profile Jane Joseph

Jane Joseph

Profile Eileen Jurczak

Eileen Jurczak

Profile Alexandra Kaplan

Alexandra Kaplan

Profile Barbara Keady

Barbara Keady

Profile Karoline Keane

Karoline Keane

Profile Megan Kellerman

Megan Kellerman

Profile Andrea Kelly

Andrea Kelly

Profile Desiree Kern

Desiree Kern

Anne Keys

Anne Keys

Profile Meghan Kiely

Meghan Kiely

Profile Victoria Kikhard

Victoria Kikhard

Profile Bernadette Kilroy

Bernadette Kilroy

Profile Carol Kim

Carol Kim

Profile Jane Kim

Jane Kim

Profile Kathy King

Kathy King

Profile Mary King

Mary King

Profile Kathleen Kisler

Kathleen Kisler

Profile Ashley Knight

Ashley Knight

Profile Laura Knox Clingerman

Laura Knox Clingerman

Profile Anastassia Kobeleva

Anastassia Kobeleva

Profile Alysa Kodisch

Alysa Kodisch

Profile Angelica Kwan

Angelica Kwan

Profile Miranda Lam-Shaikh

Miranda Lam-Shaikh

Profile Ayesa Latif

Ayesa Latif

Profile Ruta Laukien

Ruta Laukien

Tatiana Lazareva

Profile Anne-Marie Leadbetter

Anne-Marie Leadbetter

Profile Kerri Leavay

Kerri Leavay

Profile Alison Lebitschnig

Alison Lebitschnig

Profile Katy LeDoyen

Katy LeDoyen

Profile Deborah Lee

Deborah Lee

Profile Katie Lee

Katie Lee

Profile Sarah Leners

Sarah Leners

Profile Alice Leopold

Alice Leopold

Profile Diane Leung

Diane Leung

Profile Genevieve Lincourt-Gheyssens

Genevieve Lincourt-Gheyssens

Profile Monica Lira

Monica Lira

Profile Lucia Liscio

Lucia Liscio

Profile Sophie Littler

Sophie Littler

Profile Wilma Lo

Wilma Lo

Profile Diya Lowe

Diya Lowe

Profile Vanora Madigan

Vanora Madigan

Profile Amber Mahood

Amber Mahood

Profile Lauren Malafronte

Lauren Malafronte

Profile Kaitlin Malin

Kaitlin (Reedy) Malin, CFA, CAIA

Profile Mandy Mannix

Mandy Mannix

Mina Manolova Grau

Profile Amanda Manthey

Amanda Manthey

Profile Danielle Mantich

Danielle Mantich

Profile Christine Marchuska

Christine Marchuska

Profile Donna Marcus

Donna Marcus

Profile Laurie Marks

Laurie Marks

Profile Cate Marshall

Cate Marshall

Profile Eleonore Marti-Feced

Eleonore Marti-Feced

Profile Sari Mayer

Sari Mayer

Profile Aisling McCaffrey

Aisling McCaffrey

Profile Tanis McDonald

Tanis McDonald

Profile Cary Meer

Cary Meer

Profile Nunzia Melaccio

Nunzia Melaccio

Profile Laura Merlini

Laura Merlini

Profile Jennifer Mernagh

Jennifer Mernagh

Profile Laurie Mernett

Laurie Mernett

Profile Karen Miller

Karen Miller

Profile Stacey Jo Mills Tie

Stacey Jo Mills Tie

Profile Rachel Minard

Rachel Minard

Profile Mina Mistry

Mina Mistry

Profile Doreen Mochrie

Doreen Mochrie

Profile Aliah Molczan

Aliah Molczan

Profile Erin Molloy

Erin Molloy

Profile Deborah Monson

Deborah Monson

Profile Carrie Moore

Carrie Moore

Profile Kristin Mott

Kristin Mott

Profile Theresa Mozzocci

Theresa Mozzocci

Profile Saadia Mujeeb

Saadia Mujeeb

Profile Jennifer Mulroy

Jennifer Mulroy

Profile Dorothy Najda

Dorothy Najda

Profile E. Annette Nash Govan

E. Annette Nash Govan

Profile Kerri Neis

Kerri Neis

Profile Sophie Neuhut

Sophie Neuhut

Profile Phuong Nguyen

Phuong Nguyen

Profile Kim Nguyen-Taylor

Kim Nguyen-Taylor

Profile Rebecca Nice

Rebecca Nice

Profile Sue Nickason

Sue Nickason

Profile Christina Nickolova

Christina Nickolova

Profile Anna Nikolayevsky

Anna Nikolayevsky

Profile Allison Nolan

Allison Nolan

Profile Anna Nolan

Anna Nolan

Profile Kathryn Nordick

Kathryn Nordick

Profile Ria Nova

Ria Nova

Profile Michelle Noyes

Michelle Noyes

Profile Marianne O

Marianne O

Rebecca O'Dwyer

Profile Rosalind Oakley

Rosalind Oakley

Profile Lydia Ofori

Lydia Ofori

Profile Natalya Oram

Natalya Oram

Profile Sara Michel Osberg

Sara Michel Osberg

Saleha Osmani

Profile Susan Pace

Susan Pace

Profile Bonni Pactor

Bonni Pactor

Profile Kristi Pahapill

Kristi Pahapill

Profile Debra Panzarella

Debra Panzarella

Profile Archana Parekh

Archana Parekh

Profile Devon Parkes

Devon Parkes

Profile Anjuli Patel

Anjuli Patel

Profile Clarisa Pelozzi

Clarisa Pelozzi

Profile Lisa Petrelli

Lisa Petrelli

Profile Connie Phillips

Connie Phillips

Profile Donatella Pianciamore

Donatella Pianciamore

Profile Sonia Ponnusamy

Sonia Ponnusamy

Profile Anne Popkin

Anne Popkin

Profile Mindy Posoff

Mindy Posoff

Profile Amy Poster

Amy Poster

Profile Cassandra Powell

Cassandra Powell

Profile Jessica Powell

Jessica Powell

Profile Giorgia Pozzoli

Giorgia Pozzoli

Profile Keri Pratt

Keri Pratt

Profile Christina Qi

Christina Qi

Profile Julia Raco

Julia Raco

Profile Leslie Rahl

Leslie Rahl

Profile Jennifer Rajpura

Jennifer Rajpura

Profile Laxmi Ramanath

Laxmi Ramanath

Profile Suzanne Ramos

Suzanne Ramos

Profile Amber Ramsey

Amber Ramsey

Profile Katherine Reap

Katherine Reap

Profile Liliana Reasor

Liliana Reasor

Profile Paige Reeve Uher

Paige Reeve Uher

Profile Katharina Reimer

Katharina Reimer

Profile Kimberly Reinhardt-Gonzales

Kimberly Reinhardt-Gonzales

Profile Gillian Richards

Gillian Richards

Profile Wendy Richards

Wendy Richards

Profile Christine Ritchie

Christine Ritchie

Profile Ulrika Robertsson

Ulrika Robertsson

Profile Helenmarie Rodgers

Helenmarie Rodgers

Profile Paulina Rogawski

Paulina Rogawski

Profile Elise Rosenberg

Elise Rosenberg

Profile Libbi Ross

Libbi Ross

Profile Hannah Rossiter

Hannah Rossiter

Profile Sherri Rossoff

Sherri Rossoff

Profile Marsha Roth

Marsha Roth

Profile Elizabeth Rothenberg

Elizabeth Rothenberg

Profile Debra Rothman

Debra Rothman

Profile Robin Rothstein

Robin Rothstein

Profile Katarina Royds

Katarina Royds

Profile Ellecia Saffron

Ellecia Saffron

Profile Eileen Salis

Eileen Salis

Profile Odette Samson

Odette Samson

Profile Linda Sanchez

Linda Sanchez

Profile Anita Hill Sands

Anita Hill Sands

Profile Dominic Schagar-Dombroski

Dominic Schagar-Dombroski

Profile Christine Schleppegrell

Christine Schleppegrell

Profile Diane Schrader

Diane Schrader

Profile Katie Schuhow

Katie Schuhow

Profile Valbona Schwab

Valbona Schwab

Profile Paige Scott

Paige Scott

Profile Lauren Seiler

Lauren Seiler

Profile Ruby Senger-Cloudas

Ruby Senger-Cloudas

Profile Yulia Seroka

Yulia Seroka

Profile Natalja Sesterikova, CFA, CAIA

Natalja Sesterikova, CFA, CAIA

Profile Reenal Shah

Reenal Shah

Profile Damayanti Shahani

Damayanti Shahani

Profile Liliya Sharifzyanova

Liliya Sharifzyanova

Profile Deirdre Sheehan

Deirdre Sheehan

Profile Tania Sheikh

Tania Sheikh

Profile Merry Sheils

Merry Sheils

Profile Susan Shilling

Susan Shilling

Profile Georgina Sillem

Georgina Sillem

Profile Tamara Singh

Tamara Singh

Profile Danielle Skipp

Danielle Skipp

Profile Claire Smith

Claire Smith

Profile Swapnil Somvanshi

Swapnil Somvanshi

Profile Angela Stathi

Angela Stathi

Profile Divya Steinwall

Divya Steinwall

Profile Nicole Stiles

Nicole Stiles

Profile Nicola Stradling

Nicola Stradling

Profile Alina Sullivan

Alina Sullivan

Profile Amanda Tarplin

Amanda Tarplin

Profile Eve Teich

Eve Teich

Profile Amanda Tepper

Amanda Tepper

Profile Nadine Terman

Nadine Terman

Profile Joanna Thompson de Colonges

Joanna Thompson de Colonges

Profile Ella Thuiner

Ella Thuiner

Profile Shandi Tocheri

Shandi Tocheri

Profile Martha Tredgett

Martha Tredgett

Profile Frances Tuite

Frances Tuite

Profile Emily Turner

Emily Turner

Profile Heather Turner

Heather Turner

Profile Martha Tuttle

Martha Tuttle

Profile Yael Tzur

Yael Tzur

Profile Susan Valickas

Susan Valickas

Profile Marlies van Boven

Marlies van Boven

Profile Hannah van Heerden

Hannah van Heerden

Profile Claire Van Wyk-Allan

Claire Van Wyk-Allan

Profile Effie Vasilopoulos

Effie Vasilopoulos

Profile Alicia Vidler

Alicia Vidler

Profile Marina Viergutz

Marina Viergutz

Profile Lisa Vioni

Lisa Vioni

Profile Paula Volent

Paula Volent

Profile Alexandra Voss CFA

Alexandra Voss, CFA

Profile Jennifer Weir

Jennifer Weir

Profile Daisy Weiss

Daisy Weiss

Profile Joan Werner

Joan Werner

Profile Brette Westerlund

Brette Westerlund

Profile Kathy Wheadon

Kathy Wheadon

Profile Carol Widger

Carol Widger

Profile Jacqueline Williams

Jacqueline Williams

Profile Mary Jo Willmore

Mary Jo Willmore

Profile Stacy Witcher

Stacy Witcher

Profile Juliana Wood

Juliana Wood

Profile Christina Worley

Christina Worley

Profile Nichole Wright

Nichole Wright

Profile Meadow Wu

Meadow Wu

Profile Carol Yeh

Carol Yeh

Profile Candice Yip

Candice Yip

Profile Jenna Young

Jenna Young

Profile Li Yu

Li (Shelley) Yu, CFA

Profile Vanessa Yuan

Vanessa Yuan

Profile Victoria Zhao

Victoria Zhao

Lisa Zippelius

Profile Tenke Zoltani

Tenke Zoltani

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