Empowering women in finance.

100 Women in Finance is a global organization committed to gender equity in finance by promoting diversity, raising visibility, and empowering women to find their personal path to success. We connect women at every career stage, including pre-career, to a global network of people and resources.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the global finance industry by empowering women to achieve their professional potential at each career stage.

Vision 30/40

We operate under a guiding principle that we call Vision 30/40. It is the goal for women to occupy 30% of senior investment roles and executive committee positions by 2040. Even with our efforts, and those of so many other organizations working towards gender equity, we still have quite a way to go for women to hold even close to the number of investment or executive roles in finance that men currently hold.

To achieve a goal like Vision 30/40, it requires that we reach more women who are already in finance and it means that we need to advocate for a new generation of industry leadership.

We are proud to have many individuals and organizations join us in this effort, some of whom sponsor our initiatives through programs such as our CEO Circle,  which focuses on strategic initiatives aimed at exploring new ideas and locales and to promote diversity of thought in our industry.

Our Pillars


Education and Professional Programming (both in-person and virtual) help women to broaden perspectives, gain insights and sharpen skills at every stage of their career.

Peer Engagement

We empower women with connections and resources, providing the opportunity for networking, career advancement and increased industry presence.


We believe that expanding the pipeline of women entering finance, banking, technology and business higher education will ultimately increase female representation in leadership roles of these sectors.

Visibility Initiatives

100 Women in Finance seeks to address the under-representation of women in finance, fintech, and investment roles, hoping to evolve the public perception of what an expert in these fields looks like. We believe that by increasing the visibility of today’s female finance professionals, we are also motivating the next generation of talent to aspire to these roles.
Our visibility Initiatives elevate public profiles, enabling strong interconnectivity to the finance ecosystem. They are designed around sectors/roles in order to provide more specific focus to each category.

Our People

We carry out our mission through the dedicated work put forth by our Board, staff, Global Council and most importantly, the 600+ active volunteers we have around the world.

Our Supporters

Our work is made possible through the commitment and support of our many supporters and donors.
CEO Circle

The CEO Circle devotes resources to programs that support the entry and upward mobility of all under-represented minority women into finance careers.

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Corporate Sponsors

We are grateful for the many longstanding relationships we have with our corporate sponsors around the world who are dedicated to increasing the representation of women in finance overall and the percentage of women in leadership positions.

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Global Angels
Global Angels generously invest in our mission to work together to empower women in finance.

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