The 100 Women in Finance JumpStart Program provides college-age students with an introduction to the financial services industry and the opportunity to meet experienced finance professionals.
Through a virtual experience, students receive career guidance, interviewing and networking tips, and opportunities to interact with professionals, recruiters, and fellow students from around the world.

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Participating companies included:
Permit Capital Advisors, BlackRock, Radiant ESG, HSBC, Katten, Strategic Investment Group, Aruwa Capital Management, D.E. Shaw, Focus Financial Partners, fincap 360 LLC, Fincaler8 Limited, Sandbox Banking, Gusto, BRAVO Pay, Goldman Sachs, Societe Generale, UBS, and

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What students are saying:

“I really enjoyed hearing each speaker’s personal journeys given their extremely diverse backgrounds. I particularly liked when they broke down preconceived notions of being a woman in finance. Hearing their enthusiasm for their current job really motivates me to pursue finance in the future.”

“The variety of possible career avenues that were explored and discussed broadened my awareness of opportunities. The recount of first hand experiences and opportunity to ask experienced professionals questions was invaluable to my understanding of career paths and sparked interest.”

“The most valuable part of jumpStart for me was hearing about the experiences of well-accomplished individuals, asking them questions and having a chance to learn real-life knowledge.”

“The most valuable part of jumpStart for me was seeing just how many other women my age were interested in a career in finance. I found it very empowering and welcoming to see people like me, especially women, pursuing such a powerful career path.”