A 20th Anniversary Special Series:

Break the Mould

A multi-part series highlighting the extraordinary accomplishments of individuals beyond the field of finance. Hear from achievers in the arts, sciences, education, sports, and activism who share their experiences as pioneers in their industries.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary as an organization committed to empowering women in finance, we wanted to meet with some of the amazing women outside of our industry to find out what motivated them to break through barriers, challenge the status quo, and own their positions as leaders in their fields.  It’s time to be inspired.

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Success in Medicine, Music and Publishing

Skydiver JaNette Lefkowitz

Khalida Brohi Fights Honor Killings and Advances Women in Rural Pakistan

Julia Haart, CEO and Co-Owner of Elite World Group, on Empowerment, Liberation, and Authenticity

Putting Your Personal Passions into your Profession with Eve Ellis and Debra Walton

Kelly Latimer, Pilot at NASA and Virgin Galactic

Canadian Soccer Olympian Karina LeBlanc

How the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is Accelerating Progress

Leading through Crisis with Erika James, Dean of The Wharton School

Vu Van, CEO and Co-Founder of Elsa Speak

How Women Restaurateurs Adapt Through Networking and Collaboration

Innovation and Leadership with H.E. Dr. Hawaa Al Mansoori

Inspire Leaders of the Future

Conversation with Jeni Mundy, Vicki Saunders and Elif Shafak