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Female Investment Professional Visibility

100WF helps external investment conference planners and the media connect with female investment professionals for speaking roles and for news media engagement. 100WF does this to help address the chronic under-representation of women in these spaces, and to evolve public perception of what an investment expert looks like. Our efforts will help the next generation of female investment talent to aspire to these roles.

100WF FundWomen Conferences

Since 2014, 100WF has hosted investment conferences for female fund managers and the broad community of institutional investment allocators to engage with one another and explore business opportunities. Our annual conferences have traditionally been offered in New York, London and San Francisco. Read about our 2019 conferences in San Francisco and in NYC and London

In November 2020, 100WF will host Global FundWomen Week, a global, virtual investment conference, welcoming female fund managers, institutional investors and investment consultants from around the world, including the APAC region.

Learn more about 2020 Global FundWomen Week