100WF supports Diversity Project Pathway to improve recruitment and retention of Female talent.

Aug 10, 2023

Firms within the investment industry often express their challenges in recruiting and retaining female talent. However, there is an opportunity for UK-based firms to tap into existing talent through the 2024 DP Pathways programme offered by Diversity Project UK. This programme focuses on developing future female Portfolio Managers and requires firms to provide support and sponsorship to the selected candidate. Additionally, 100WF encourages the candidate and their sponsor to become a member of our extensive global network, which offers connectivity with like-minded women through 100WF’s Early Career and MidCareer groups in London upon completion of the program. For additional information on 100WF membership click here.

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to be part of the DP Pathways 2024 and leverage the power of 100 Women in Finance’s extensive network! Please note, applications for the programme will close on September 15!

Only 12% of portfolio managers in the UK are female.* DP Pathway offered by the Diversity Project UK seeks to address this; it is the world’s first, award winning, development programme created by the industry for the industry. The programme’s curriculum themes include: Technical Skills, Behavioural Skills, How to be a good investor, Career Activism and Paying it Forward.

DP Pathway are pleased to announce, that for 2024 the Diversity Project has opened this Programme to non-member firms and aims to enroll 80 participants in total. Participants can have both investment and non-investment backgrounds.

Register now to unlock your female portfolio manager talent. Find out further information, including fees, and FAQs here.

Candidates must require support from their own companies. We suggest each candidate fulfils the following criteria:

  • CFA Level 1, IMC, IAD, PCAIM or CAIA Training: Each candidate should have achieved or be on course to achieve CFA or equivalent qualifications or have registered to study and take qualifications in the near future.
  • 3 Years+ of industry experience: It is recommended that candidates have at least three years’ work experience to benefit fully from the programme.
  • Background: The aim is to create a diverse and inclusive cohort of women who wish to become Portfolio Managers. They must already be working in an investment firm, not necessarily within their investment team. Other women in fund management firms who work in different areas such as research, sales, trading, investor relations, etc. who have talent or have expressed interest in switching career to portfolio management are welcome.
  • On the job training: Crucial on-the-job training, arranged and provided by her own company, plus any other additional initiatives that the candidate company deems important.
  • Sponsor: Each candidate must have her own sponsor in the company. The sponsor will champion, advise and identify progression opportunities for their candidate. Ideally, the sponsor should not be the candidate’s line manager (and can, of course, be male or female). To find out more about the role of a Sponsor, click here and go to the “Role of Sponsor” button.


Key dates are:

September 15th
Deadline for submission of application forms, including final details of candidates and their Pathway sponsors.

September 30th
Final list of selected participants announced.

Female candidates to attend in person pre-launch team event. DP Pathway sponsors to attend a Zoom session on expectations sponsor role. Pathway invoice should have been paid.

Candidates with non-investment background to attend a 3-day technical “bootcamp” training (dates TBC). DP Pathway team to finalise dates for 2023.

January 2024
New programme starts.

Companies Apply Now

Once the firm completes the application form, the Diversity Project will send the candidate herself a short questionnaire to complete.

Together we can unlock hidden talent from across the industry and provide today’s emerging female portfolio managers with the skills and confidence they need to succeed, create a cohort of female portfolio managers who will navigate their careers together and provide an example for generations to follow.

Please get in touch via info@diversityproject.com.

*Source: Citywire’s Alpha Female Report