100WFinTech Global Series 4: APAC “The Makers of our FinTech Network: A Closer Look at the 100WF Innovators Working Behind the Curtain”

Jul 13, 2023

From April to June, we interviewed the chair of our Global 100WFinTech Committee members based in the US and EMEA. They shared their stories and explained why they are engaged in this FinTech visibility initiative. Today, we are featuring two committee members based in the APAC region. They describe why they have joined and supported the Global Committee and how they are building the local FinTech network in Hong Kong and Singapore.


Steffanie Yuen (Hong Kong)

Steffanie’s introduction to the world of technology began when she transitioned from a career in investment banking into becoming a venture investor. This led her to join one of the largest FinTech companies in the world, Ant Group, where she spearheaded its international wealth-management business. Her time at Ant Group opened her eyes to the transformative power of technology, which enables greater efficiency, expands financial inclusion, and revolutionizes the delivery of financial services across markets in China and Southeast Asia.

As a born-and-bred Hong Konger, Steffanie returned to her hometown in 2021 eager to apply the knowledge and insight she gained from abroad. Last year, she joined Endowus, the largest independent, digital wealth-management platform in Asia, which pioneered the non-commission-based wealth advisory model in Asia as managing director and head of Hong Kong. Her goal and mission is to leverage technology to lower costs and provide better access to institutional-grade financial products and investment advice to empower individual investors to achieve success.

Steffanie also took on the role of co-chair of the Wealth and InvestTech Committee at the FinTech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK) in mid-2022 to contribute to and promote the development of the local FinTech ecosystem. Hong Kong, traditionally known as a robust international financial center, has attached increasing importance to FinTech as the next pillar of growth and is now home to more than 800 FinTech companies.

Steffanie was introduced to the 100 Women in FinTech initiative when she co-organized an event between 100WFinTech and FTAHK in January 2023. In addition to facilitating the growth of the directory membership base in the Asia Pacific region, she has actively collaborated with other committees of the 100 Women in Finance Hong Kong chapter. Earlier this year, she participated in the 2023 Jumpstart Day and mentorship program, aiming to present FinTech as a potential career path for local female graduates from some of the top universities in Hong Kong. Steffanie’s goal is to continue advocating for the visibility of women in FinTech within the region while nurturing the next generation of female leaders.


Alpha Baid (Singapore)

Alpha has been immersed in the investment management ecosystem in Singapore for the past seven years, providing consulting and services. Her focus has revolved around the intersection of operations, technology, and finance, particularly in the realm of FinTech. Alpha has closely observed the transformative power of technology and how it is shaping the industry. She has actively participated in panel discussions and talks centered on technology in investments, utilizing big data, AI, and machine learning for investment research as well as streamlining workflows through no-code and low-code technology. In 2018, Alpha even authored a short paper on robo-advisor selection for asset managers.

Alpha’s background in finance naturally drew her to the mission of 100 Women in Finance (100WF) and its 30 X 40 initiative, which strives to connect and empower women in the finance industry. The prospect of being surrounded by women who share similar careers and aspirations intrigued her. Acting on the recommendation of her then-colleague, Maykala Hariharan, Alpha joined the education committee of 100WF in Singapore, an experience she has cherished ever since. Since 2020, Alpha has been an enthusiastic volunteer with 100WF, organizing numerous events. Among these, one highlight was a webinar featuring valuation guru Aswath Damodaran, which took place amidst the challenging backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the opportunity arose to work with 100 Women in FinTech, Alpha eagerly jumped on board, propelled by her unwavering passion for FinTech. She firmly believes that technology is the most influential force driving the transformation of finance, making 100 Women in FinTech’s mission to highlight women in the global FinTech sphere even more crucial. Over time, Alpha has attended FinTech events and established a wide network within Singapore’s FinTech community. Now, as an active member of both the 100WF education committee in Singapore and 100 Women in FinTech, Alpha collaborates with the committees to identify and educate female leaders in FinTech about the mission of 100 Women in FinTech and helps facilitate their inclusion in the global directory. Recently, Alpha co-organized a digital asset event in Singapore alongside other members of the education committee. Moreover, she represents 100 Women in FinTech at events within Singapore, such as the She Starts Up event hosted by the Singapore FinTech Association in 2022. This platform allowed Alpha to formally introduce 100 Women in FinTech to numerous attendees. Events like She Starts Up, which aim to bring female FinTech founders to the forefront, strongly align with 100 Women in FinTech’s mission. The organization seeks to collaborate further with industry leaders, start-ups, associations, government agencies, and other stakeholders to organize such events and jointly promote women in FinTech.

Singapore boasts one of the most thriving FinTech ecosystems globally, with the Singapore FinTech Festival ranking among the largest FinTech festivals. Whereas the Singapore FinTech Association effectively connects the local ecosystem, 100 Women in FinTech plays a significant global role, placing its primary focus on advancing women in FinTech across verticals including wealth tech, insurtech, payments, and blockchain. The organization’s global directory serves as a platform for enhancing global visibility, networking, and fundraising opportunities for women founders. Alpha is thrilled to be on this journey and to continue working with 100 Women in FinTech through advocacy, collaboration, events, and education to raise the profile of women in finance globally.



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