Brazil Fintech Event Summary

Jul 18, 2023

On May 23, 100WF Brazil Committee held a sensational event to explore the most recent developments and challenges in the Brazil fintech space. The fintech industry is currently in the spotlight, with companies in Brazil taking the lead and driving innovation.

100WF Brazil members and guests had the opportunity to participate in two distinct panels, exploring various aspects of fintech. These panels delved into topics such as tokenization, financial innovation in the Brazilian capital markets, legal and compliance issues, marketing strategies, and the exciting future of fintech with regards to IPOs, Follow On and M&A.

The first panel, moderated by Nicole Dyskant, Founder of Dyskant Advogados,  discussed Securitization and Tokenization in the Brazilian capital markets. Panel speakers included Martha de Sá, CFA, CEO of VERT Capital and Nathalie Vidual, superintendent of CVM a the Brazilian Securities Commission.

During the second panel, moderated by Jihane Halabi, Partner at Halabi Advogados and coordinator of the movement and book “Brasil Fintech,” the discussion revolved around investments. Silvia Valadares, an expert in M&A, technology and Partner at Centria, and Ingrid Barth, Founder at Linker, shed light on their transformative roles within Brazil’s startup ecosystem.

The event was hosted by Brasil Fintech and Centria Partners, a prominent M&A boutique specializing in tech deals between Brazil, US and Europe. The “Brasil Fintech” agenda has successfully brought together a community, creating connections and fostering opportunities. Shedding light on this significance, a recently published book titled “Brasil Fintech” further cements Brazil’s position as a key player in the fintech landscape.

Following the event, members and their guests were invited to connect and explore the captivating realm of what lies ahead in the fintech world, over drinks.