Deloitte Within Reach Report 2023

Jun 20, 2023


It’s not surprising that progress towards workplace gender parity has been slow. Women, especially those in finance, have long experienced mistreatment. Deloitte recently released an update to their Within Reach series. The report sheds light on the progress of women in c-suite and board roles globally in the finance industry across history and presents projections for the future – assuming current policies and procedures stay the same. This report also presents an opportunity to catalyze change and move the needle forward through a framework called C.A.R.E.

We believe that companies who implement the measures detailed in the C.A.R.E. framework will set a positive example for other companies and industries across the globe, demonstrating that gender equality can be achieved through collaboration and meaningful action. Doing so will not only benefit those within their organizations, but also create a ripple effect of positive change for our society as a whole.

We invite you to review the full report titled “Advancing Women Leaders in the Financial Services Industry: 2023 update – A global assessment,” which outlines a comprehensive approach for implementing gender parity in leadership roles. By following this approach, your organization can join others across the globe in leading the movement towards promoting women in positions of power.