Emerging Trends and Best Practices in the Evolving Compliance Landscape

Mar 23, 2023

Pictured from left to right: Rachel Przbylski, Lesley Kumar, Emmy Granstrom, Sophie Bertin, Claire Conby, and Kenzy Goodwin

On March 23, 100WFinTech held an event in London discussing the emerging trends and best practices in the evolving compliance landscape which was sponsored by SteelEye.   Emmy Granstrom, Global Head of Marketing at SteelEye moderated the panel made up of: Lesley Kumar, Founding Partner of Insight Regulatory, Sophie Bertin, Founder of Serapy, Claire Conby, Chief Risk Officer at One-Step Financial, and Rachel Przbylski, Head of Trading Platform Projects at Man Group.

Each panelist shared their unique experiences in managing the complexity of compliance due to the speed of change, digitization, and the access to data.  Particularly as innovation is moving faster than regulation.

It was concluded that due to the impact that compliance has within organizations, the relationship between compliance, conduct and culture is absolutely critical.

The audience was very engaged and created an interactive conversation which was enjoyed by all.


Pictured from left to right : Rachel Przbylski, Lesley Kumar, Sophie Bertin, Claire Conby, Emmy Granstrom