From Around the Globe and ON POINT – Part Three

Jun 13, 2023

Hosted by Longbow co-founder and CIO at Solstein Capital, Nadine Terman, ON POINT is a series of conversations that highlight some of the most successful females in the investment industry from around the globe. These informative and enlightening discussions cover a wide range of markets including investment portfolio management, international fixed income, equity portfolios, bio and AI venture capital, and more.

Nadine Terman, CEO, CIO of Solstein Capital, LLC has 25+ years as an investment professional in both public markets and private equity. Nadine is a regular contributor across global television, radio, and media platforms and promotes diversity in the financial industry by co-founding several leading diversity conferences globally. She is also co-founder of Longbow, a data driven, stock trading, risk management platform built by pro investors.

Longbow delivers an industry leading, institutional level trading experience for everyone, whether one is actively trading or investing for the long term. Longbow allows investors to make better informed and more profitable trading investment decisions. By making Longbow available to all investors, Nadine aims to give everyone the opportunity to invest like a pro.

Longbow’s ON POINT with Nadine Terman & Yuying Gao | June 2023