Global Fund Women Week 2022

Sep 13, 2022

It’s time to apply!

Applications are now open for female fund managers and (male and female) allocators for this year’s Global FundWomen Week!




Attendance is complimentary
Thanks to the generosity of our event sponsors and technology partner iConnections, as well as the volunteer organizing committee, there is no fee to attend GFWW.

Who can participate?
Participant eligibility criteria is listed below, or you can visit the webpage here.


Fund Managers

  • You are a female who manages third-party capital – specifically, females (including yourself) manage at least 33% of the portfolio, or comprise at least 33% of the investment committee (or other investment decision making body); AND
  • Your investment strategy focuses on market risk (whether public markets or private markets), not manager risk (i.e., you do not manage a fund of funds); AND
  • Your fund / strategy is currently open for investments to institutional investors or will be accepting allocations within 6 months.
    • For “pre-launch” managers, we expect the firm/fund to be established and registered with the respective regulatory jurisdiction(s).

Please note: You, as the key female risk taker at your fund, must be present at all 1:1 meetings with allocators during GFWW. You will lead the discussion, but you may be accompanied by one supporting team member.

We can accommodate managers representing strategies within the following categories:

  • Long-Only Equity
  • Long-Only Fixed Income / Credit
  • Hedged Strategies
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity
  • Private Credit
  • Real Estate / Real Assets
  • Infrastructure

Please note: The above categories subsume additional “lenses” such as ESG, Impact, Crypto, etc.

Asset Allocators

  • You deploy capital directly to external fund managers in the ordinary course of your business OR you direct the deployment of capital to external fund managers either as an advisor or consultant.
  • You represent an institutional asset allocator either as an employee, advisor or consultant.
    • Institutional asset allocators include endowments, foundations, pension plans (public or private, including superannuation), sovereign wealth funds, outsourced chief investment officers (OCIOs), financial services firms (e.g., wealth managers, funds of funds, seeders/accelerators, insurance firms), qualified family offices or other such allocators.
  • You do not have a conflict of interest in attending meetings with external fund managers.

Please note: Allocators of all genders are welcome to participate.

Important Information
Fund manager applications will close on September 30. Allocator registration will remain open until November 3. Roundtable discussions, in-person events and pre-event workshops are only available to approved participants of GFWW.


Learn More About GFWW 2022


Consider becoming a member of 100 Women in Finance
100WF kindly asks that event participants consider becoming a member to continue to support the vision and empower women in the finance industry, whilst also being able to meet peers, participate in education sessions and much more.

About iConnections
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