How to Move Into and Up in Portfolio Management

Apr 2, 2024

On 12 March 2024, 100 Women in Finance in Germany organised a session on “How to Move Into and Up in Portfolio Management” hosted by Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management SA.

The aim of the event was to give women insights into pathways into a career in portfolio management, given that women are severely underrepresented in this field, particularly in Germany, where according to the Citywire Alpha Female report of Autumn 2023 only 7% of all portfolio managers are female. This ratio is significantly lower than in other European countries like Spain or Italy where about 20% of portfolio managers are women, followed by France at 18% and the UK and US at 11%.

The panel featured three equity portfolio managers: Anna Lunden from Wellington, Katharina Seiler from DWS, Caroline Gauthier from Edmond de Rothschild as well as Daniela Savoia from Edmond de Rothschild from the fixed income side.  Barbara Wokurka from FINVIA Family Office and a 100WF Germany committee member moderated.

Anna Lunden started her career in pharma before she joined the finance and asset management world. Her experience in the corporate world enables her to view investments from different perspectives in her daily portfolio management duties. Katharina Seiler has spent her whole portfolio management life at DWS and initiated the “DWS Women for Women Fund” which takes gender criteria into consideration in selecting stocks. Caroline Gauthier shared how she managed an overnight promotion to a managerial position in portfolio management while Daniela Savoia shared her perspectives from working for big asset management houses as well as with boutique firms. Four very different and differentiated insights on growing a career in portfolio management! Key take-aways were to be visible and vocal about your performance, to be self-confident and the importance of a firm’s corporate culture in building a career.

The audience appreciated the candour and openness of the panellists which made the session especially valuable and memorable. Thank you to each of the speakers for sharing their journeys and to Edmond de Rothschild for hosting the event.