International Women’s Day 2023

Mar 8, 2023

100 Women in Finance will stand united with the International Women’s Day celebration for equal representation of all women! #EmbraceEquity


A message from Amanda Pullinger, Chief Executive Office, 100 Women in Finance:


A message from Nicole Wiley, Chief Operating/Development Officer, 100 Women in Finance:


International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Its mission is to create a world of diversity, inclusion, and equality. The 2023 theme #EmbraceEquity focuses on Why equal opportunities aren’t enough. People start from different places, so true inclusion and belonging require equitable action.

The International Women’s Day Missions

  • To elevate women forging change via technology and sustainability in communities, workplaces and beyond
  • To forge inclusive work cultures where women’s careers thrive and their achievements are celebrated
  • To elevate and advance gender parity in technology and celebrate the women forging innovation
  • To shine a spotlight on activity uplifting and inspiring women to pursue goals without bias or barrier
  • To assist women to be in a position of power to make informed decisions about their health
  • To celebrate women athletes and applaud when equality is achieved in pay, sponsorship and visibility

IWD reminds us that although progress is being made, there is still a lot more to be done to close the gender gap and continue the push to the equality line. In 2001, the founders of 100 Women in Finance made it their mission to do just that. They recognized that collaborative efforts could effect change in the finance industry and beyond through Peer engagement, Philanthropy, and Education. This organization has been proactive ever since in providing support, resources, advocacy, mentorship, and leadership to women in the finance industry.


100 Women in Finance:

THE MISSION is to strengthen the global finance industry by empowering women to achieve their professional potential at each career stage. This requires reaching more women who are already in finance and advocating for a new generation of industry leadership. It means that each of our programs promotes diversity of thought, raising visibility, and empowers women at each career stage to find their personal path to success.

THE VISION is the 30/40 goal for women to occupy 30 percent of senior investment roles and executive committee positions by 2040. There is still quite a way to go to close the gap in investment and executive roles in finance men currently hold, but with the collective continued awareness, efforts, and support of other organizations working toward gender equity, our vision will remain focused.

THE INITIATIVES. 100WF has created a diverse array of initiatives to create a more diverse and gender equitable presence in the finance industry at all levels worldwide. Whether it’s helping raise the visibility of women, advocating for a new generation of industry leadership, or providing networking for industry professionals, we continue to do everything in our power to break the barrier. Some examples of our initiatives include:

Investing in the Next Generation
100WF welcomes inquiries from potential program partners in joining forces in being part of their pre-career programming for teenage girls and young women of diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to provide direct services to girls and young women so they are prepared, confident, and inspired to pursue careers in the finance industry.

100WF has created a global network of female committees already in finance to mentor, network and advocate for, and provide financial support to the next generation of industry leadership.

The JumpStart Program provides college-age students with an introduction to the financial services industry and the opportunity to meet experienced finance professionals. Through a virtual experience, students receive career guidance, interviewing and networking tips, and opportunities to interact with professionals, recruiters, and fellow students from around the world.

The 100 Women in Finance LaunchMe Program is a comprehensive mentorship initiative that helps connect career-ready students to professionals and industry firms. Student participants are matched with industry leaders for a year-long structured program. In addition to being a positive guiding force, mentors may assist with the following:

  • Professional sponsorship
  • Career coaching and planning
  • High-impact skills guidance and industry insights
  • Introductions and expansion of professional networks
  • Internship and full-time opportunities effort


Global FundWomen Week
As the largest cap intro event of its kind, Global FundWomen Week spurs connections via 1:1 meetings and roundtable sessions with a diverse network of industry professionals. GFWW provides a platform to explore business opportunities, develop new relationships, and hear allocator perspectives.

This visibility initiative elevates the public profile of female FinTech leaders, enables their stronger interconnectivity to the FinTech ecosystem, and inspires the next generation of female FinTech talent.

We Run the World! The theme for our 2023 galas, represents drive, fearlessness, and vision—all traits possessed by the women who are changing the face of finance and making it a more diverse and gender-equitable industry. So many female leaders inspire us every day and motivate the future of the industry to forge ahead. Our individual paths to success are all unique, but together, We Run the World.

Launched in 2022, the Industry DEI Award, sponsored by J.P. Morgan, is a regional award presented at each of our EMEA, Americas and APAC galas to recognize organizations that are driving forward and shaping the future of women in the finance industry. The goal of this award is to encourage innovation and positive action in the area of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within different firms across the industry. We hope to work in collaboration with organizations sharing best practices and be a resource to help achieve positive change.


Standing united together IWD and 100WF can #EmbraceEquity