LaunchMe 23 Mentorship Program – Connecting Career-ready Students with Professionals and Industry Firms

Nov 15, 2023

The 100 Women in Finance LaunchMe program is a 12-month mentorship and advocacy program focusing on career opportunities, professional network, essential career skills and business acumen.  The program helps connect students to professionals and industry firms, and helps professionals enhance leadership skills necessary for advancement.

This year’s LaunchMe 23 program is past its halfway point. We are looking forward to what’s ahead. Some students are preparing for their full time role and working with their mentors as they reflect on:

  • their previous experiences and what they wish they knew, and
  • the changing landscapes in financial services.

Other students are busy exploring summer internship opportunities and other experiences, leveraging their mentors as sponsors to help them progress in line with the focus areas of the program, by:

  • aligning values and opportunities,
  • leveraging networks to learn about company culture and expectations,
  • understanding the modernized interview approach, and
  • becoming conversant on current industry issues.

As a group, we will be coming together to discuss business acumen, how to keep each other as active parts of our networks and ways for students to stay connected with 100 Women in Finance as they transition to Early Career.

This year, our programming has covered a diverse range of topics, such as:

  • Personal Brand, including the importance of an elevator pitch and overall impressions.
  • ESG & Impact Investing, including what Net Zero means and defining impact investing across asset types such as venture capital, public equities, fixed income and real estate.
  • The Changing Investments Landscape across asset and wealth management, including physical and digital assets, and efforts to attract, develop and retain women in the area.
  • Developing as a Professional, including imposter syndrome and the importance of an effective communication style.
  • The Person on the Other Side of the Interview Table, reflecting on technical skills, soft skills, leadership skills and overall fit needed across a variety of career opportunities.
  • Empowerment, reflecting on the importance of balancing Health, Wellness and Career Success.


Here is what our students are saying….

“The curated webinars offered through the program covering topics from personal growth to interview tips, to staying abreast of market trends have not only expanded my knowledge but have also equipped me with the skills necessary to navigate the dynamic landscape of the finance industry.”


“I had the privilege of attending several Speaker Series, exposing me to refreshing and inspiring perspectives. While I was heavily focused on preparing for technical questions during my internship search, an exercise during this event made me realize the importance of soft skills which totally changed my strategy for interview preparation.”


“100WF LaunchMe has helped me immensely while kick-starting my professional career. Being paired with a mentor has given me the resources to navigate through job applications, interviews, and networking opportunities.”


A special thank you to our LaunchMe Professional and Student Committee volunteers.  We couldn’t have such a successful program without them. For more information on these committees and how to get involved click here


2024 LaunchMe Program Coming Soon……

The 2024 LaunchMe mentorship program application process will begin in January 2024 and close at the end of February 2024.

The year-long program will commence in April 2024 with exciting programming to include local events, mentor training, talent trends and industry innovation.

To express interest in the program prior to the opening of the application process click here