LaunchMe event scores big with participants

Nov 15, 2022

Last week’s virtual event “Networking Skills and Fostering Relationships” was a great success. 100 Women In Finance LaunchMe mentors and mentees, together with LiveGirl SHE WORKS participants, gained insights into a variety of techniques to build and maintain relationships in their professional network. Whether a pre-career student or a seasoned professional, networking and fostering relationships can be challenging. Our panelists provided a wealth of knowledge on the subject. They included; Katherine Davis, Stone Point Capital; Veronica T. DeLandro, MPA, LiveGirl, Victoria Distasio, Verition Fund Management; Rebecca Reiss, Patient Capital Management LLC and Gulcan Ustay, Fitch Ratings. The participants and organizers were grateful to them for sharing their time and expertise with our community! A special thanks to Shaindy Weiss for bringing together two organizations with a similar purpose on the professional development of women and Alison Waller for emphasizing the importance of diverse relationships as part of career development.

“These inspiring women shared techniques that combine intentional planning and authenticity which can be leveraged throughout one’s pre-career and professional journey. Thank you for the time you invested.”

Debbie Bigman, 100WF Launch Me Program Chair and Program Lead

“This was such a fabulous discussion! It was truly a masterclass in networking, including making a positively strong first impression and the necessity of following up to cultivate relationships.”

Sheri West, Founder & CEO LiveGirl