Member Highlight: Avent Bezuidenhoudt

Jul 7, 2022

Avent Bezuidenhoudt
Head of Investment, Earth Capital

Avent is Head of Investment and Director at Earth Capital and a member of the Investment Committee. Her responsibilities include making new investments with a particular focus on new technologies in the sustainability sector, as well as working with the management teams of Earth Capital’s portfolio companies to develop and deliver on their strategic plans.

Avent has over 25 years’ experience in investing, portfolio management and corporate finance advisory, with a particular focus on high growth technology businesses and a strong track record of private equity technology deals.

Prior to joining Earth Capital, Avent was a Senior Fund Manager at The FSE Group and before moving into investment management, was an Assistant Director in the London Corporate Finance team at BDO UK.

She was recently invited to take part in “The Stream with Will and Tom”, a podcast focused on sustainable tech investing in the water sector and thought some of our members may find it interesting.  Links below:

Apple Podcasts:

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