Member Highlight: Courtney Hutchison

Jun 17, 2024

Courtney Hutchison
CEO / Founder | Hutch Impact Advisors

Courtney Hutchison is the founder of Hutch Impact Advisors, an impact investment consulting firm serving venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds. She helps funds with direct investment and vertical research and diligence, raising capital, creating investment landscapes, and writing thought leadership pieces to engage LPs and prospective portfolio companies. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in environmental science with a Wharton concentration in energy economics. She holds a Master of Science in Columbia’s Sustainability Management program at the Earth Institute, where she concentrated on Sustainable Finance and ran the Sustainable Finance Professionals Network. After graduating from her master’s program, Courtney worked as an impact investment consultant at Flat World Partners, an energy private equity investor at LS Power, and the Vice President of Investments at Growth for Good Impact SPAC while living in NYC. When she’s not writing about ocean carbon capture or having coffee with climate tech founders, you can find her scuba diving, playing pickleball in the Presidio, and training her golden retriever puppy.

Courtney founded Hutch Impact Advisors to solve for a gap in the impact investment market. Though they are solving existential problems at market-rate returns, many funds are having trouble raising money due to the current liquidity lock-up. Additionally, junior to mid-level deal team members in impact investing are working long hours, sometimes at less than market-rate investment salaries, leading to a lack of retention of critical employees. This is where she comes in—as an investment deal team member on “standby” to slot in when an impact fund needs additional bandwidth but doesn’t have the budget to hire another full-time investment team member or the time to train a junior employee. She sources deals, builds out investment landscapes, publishes thought leadership pieces, and connects funds with investors.


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