Member Highlight: Diana Cano

Nov 13, 2022

Diana Cano
Managing Partner of Orion Capital
President of DC Bright Foundation

Diana began her career working in New York’s financial sector in the famous Wall Street, sales and trading, helping investors make wise investment decisions during some of the toughest years in the stock market.

She took the best from Wall Street and created her own firm. Diana built Orion Capital from the ground up becoming a real estate investor, whose efforts are to structure sustainable REI investments globally.

Diana left her native country of Ecuador at the age of 18 with 50 USD in her pocket. That’s why she is passionate and understand the meaning of helping others to discover their passions, follow their dreams, think positively about their money and finance. Diana established the DC Bright Foundation, a not-for-profit organization whose focus on giving access to cycling as a sport for underprivileged children and social change for women to unleash more generations of financially literate girls. The mission is to transform, improve conditions for children, women, and their communities. Her philanthropic work includes leading seminars to women, teaching money and time management. Her activism and contributions have earned her numerous awards.

As a speaker, Diana delivers powerful insights on the foundations for a better financial management through major summits and conferences bringing tactical insights as well as big-picture analysis to each of her speaking engagements including her support to 100 Women in Finance.

Diana speaks fluent English, Spanish and conversational Mandarin. Holds a master’s degree in Sustainability from Arizona State University, a BA, Psychology from Baruch College, and Entrepreneurship/Technology from University City London. When she is not driving economic change and solutions, she enjoys cycling and the beach.


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