Member Highlight: Julie Cane

Jul 7, 2022

Julie Cane
CEO, Managing Partner
Democracy Investments

Julie Cane is the CEO and co-founder of Democracy Investments, a registered investment advisory firm focused on promoting democracy and influencing capital flows in financial markets. The firm’s Democracy Investments International Index re-weights an international equity index towards democracies and away from authoritarians, which is achieved by leveraging their exclusive license of the Economist’s Democracy Index for financial products globally.

According to Julie, “Our goal is to decrease the cost of capital for democracies which can correlate to increased economic growth, and the reverse for authoritarian states. Additionally, by making investment proportional to democracy scores and never dropping investment in a nation to zero, we hope to create a market-based incentive for democratic reforms. Over time, Democracy Investments aims to influence capital flows in such a way that will encourage all countries to improve their democracy scores.”

Julie Cane’s 20+ year background in financial services includes developing market leading innovations at Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab Advisor Services, SEI Investments and Autodesk Ventures. While at Wells Fargo, Julie developed the Wells Fargo Private Bank’s first high net worth and segmentation strategies resulting in more than a 100% increase in the division’s profits during the next three years. At SEI Investments, she launched and marketed eleven new mutual funds and led the conversion of $500 million in common trust funds to private-label public mutual funds.

Julie began her career as a U.S. Naval Aviator flying the SH-3 Sea King helicopter conducting combat search and rescue training missions and torpedo recovery in San Diego and the Philippines. She recently served as a Captain in the California State Guard supporting the 129th Rescue Wing at Moffett Field. Julie holds a BA from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA. Julie resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys trail running, biking and skiing. 

NYSE Video: The DMCY ETF: A Revolutionary Way to Invest in Democracy Julie Cane and Richard Rikoski of Democracy Investments | FINTECH.TV

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