Member Highlight: Tania Reif

May 10, 2022

Tania Reif is Founder and CIO of Senda Digital Assets.

Prior to her cryptocurrency focus she built her investment pedigree at top macro hedge-funds including Soros Fund Management, Laurion Capital, Citadel and Alphadyne Asset Management . She was profiled in the 50 Leading Women in Hedge Funds 2017 survey by The Hedge Fund Journal.  Her career spans public policy beginnings at the International Monetary Fund and experience in banking at Citgroup’s Economic and Market Analysis team. She holds a PhD in Economics with Distinction from Columbia University where she earned the Jagdish Bhagwati International Economics Award for her work in currency dynamics.

Her crypto fund pilot launched on April 1st and opened officially to external capital on May 1st!

Tania will be speaking in AIMA Digital Assets conference (in person) on May 11th, at Agora Crypto Strategies conference on May 17th (online) and will do a chat on crypto for high school/college students on May 15th at the Moshe-Safra center in NYC.

Senda Digital Assets runs a quantamental strategy that seeks to optimize exposure to the cryptocurrency space by (1) constructing a diversified basket of fundamentally vetted tokens, (2) risk managing the portfolio through a quantitative volatility-dampening filter, (3) using event-driven volatility to extract alpha-enhancing opportunities and (4) yield farming in the passive section of the portfolio. The strategy is model-led by proprietary algorithmic tools and refined by discretionary analysis and trading. The portfolio is likely to hold 15-20 tokens at a given time on average.

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