Natasha Bansgopaul joins panel of experts for Game On! 2022

Sep 19, 2022

Game On! 2022 was an amazing 1.5-day hybrid conference celebrating the essence of the gaming, art, music, and entertainment (GAME) industries by bringing together passionate gamers, artists, developers, investors, and fans in a true-to-spirit gamified environment.

Natasha Bansgopaul is the cofounder and chief operating officer of VegaX Holdings. She joined other experts as part of the Panel on Active Investing in the Digital Asset Class at the Game On! Summit on September 8–9. Game On! is one of the leading Web3 conferences in APAC. 100 Women in Fintech participated as supporting partner. Natasha attended this summit by representing her company and 100 Women in Fintech as a directory member.

“The interest around investing in the digital asset class remains strong across institutional investors, despite current bear market conditions,” Natasha explained. “It was refreshing to hear these experienced investors share their perspectives on how investing in digital assets has changed over time, especially because our panel consisted of experienced investors ranging from family offices to digital exchange operators with a front seat to the complexities of global exchange and OTC activities. One of the recurring themes the panelists agreed on was the continued need for investors to stay vigilant and continue to research and learn as much as possible about the opportunities across digital assets because the industry is moving at an unprecedented pace where many are playing catch-up. Despite current market conditions, it was also clear that our panelists remain positive on the future of digital asset investments, noting that this is not the first nor the last of crypto volatility that will impact the broader market. This was a great session that solidified a continued interest in investing across digital assets across the globe from the lens of various experienced digital asset investors. From my perspective, we see institutional interest consistently from VegaX clients. However, this may be the first time that many have experienced a downturn in the market since entering the market at all-time highs. It’s reassuring to hear the macroeconomic perspective from experienced professionals across APAC who are continuing to explore investment opportunities across digital assets for long-term success. This is key for the next stage of growth for digital assets worldwide.”

VegaX Holdings, The Future of Digital Asset Management, offers one-stop access to secure digital asset strategies and indexes. Its goal is to give investors a direct line to actionable indexes and index-driven crypto products that can improve their investment portfolios. Investors lack easy ways to add crypto to their portfolios and find the market difficult to understand. VegaX makes access to high returns in crypto simple for investors globally.


About Natasha:

Natasha’s 15-plus-year background in financial services and corporate includes being a board member of DarcMatter in New York, where she advised the global award-winning platform on how to increase transparency within the alternatives industry; streamline the capital-raising process for fund managers; and make it easy for investors globally to discover, research, and invest in quality alternative investment opportunities. DarcMatter’s online investment platform provides accredited investors with direct access to alternative investment funds. With transparent and direct access, investors are able to maximize portfolio-enhancing opportunities through participation in asset classes such as private equity, venture capital, alternative debt, and more. She was the president of KONSTELLATION, the blockchain development division of DarcMatter, where she focused on development and implementation of blockchain technology for the global financial services industry and made it her mission to remove opacity and inefficiencies from the global alternative investment industry via blockchain solutions. She is currently the advisor of EMTECH, a fintech firm building a blockchain-based financial infrastructure for central banks globally with core expertise in developing CBDCs, AI fintech integrations, and other digital currency infrastructure solutions.

Natasha began her career at PepsiCo, where she covered everything from strategy and insights to serving as incubation team lead on innovation and brand activation. She was recently appointed a Presidential Innovation Fellow (PIF) to support the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on AI transparency research. Natasha holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Global Management and Marketing from Binghamton University and a Masters of Business Administration from Penn State University. Natasha resides in Westchester, New York, and enjoys spending time with family, cooking Caribbean and Korean cuisine, and customizing her Web3 avatars.