Net Zero Delivery Summit marks a crucial milestone in the journey towards a sustainable future.

Jun 14, 2023

Janice Johnston, chair of 100WF’s South Africa committee, spoke at the Net Zero Delivery Summit convened by the City of London on May 24, 2023. Janice participated in a fireside chat titled “Policy Mechanisms to Mobilize Finance,” alongside Chris Taylor, the UK Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETP) envoy at FCDO. The discussion was moderated by The Rt Hon Chris Skidmore, MP, chair of the All Party Group on the Environment. Following the landmark announcement of the JETP implementation model at COP27, the session examined how a JETP model can support the mobilization of capital toward a fair and inclusive energy transition, using examples from various countries. If you were unable to join, click here to view the recording of this fireside chat and learn about the potential of this innovative funding model to succeed and scale across emerging markets.


Janice Johnston
Financing Advisor, South Africa Just Energy Transition Investment Plan Project
Management Unit (JET IP PMU)
Chair of 100WF’s South Africa Committee

Janice has a deep, diverse investment background spanning over 20 years with highly regarded financial institutions in South Africa and the UK. She has significant debt, venture capital, and private equity investment experience across multiple sectors and business stages and is a CFA charterholder. Janice is committed to the strategic leadership of impact investments into climate-related, finance, and innovative growth businesses in key sectors with the potential for significant environmental and social impact and financial return through collaboration, diversity, and inclusion.

Janice spent 10 years with Prudential Capital plc (part of M&G) in London as a senior member of its principle finance team prior to joining Edge Growth, a leading South African impact investor and accelerator for Small and Medium sized Enterprises. She ended up as Chief Executive of its growth equity portfolio, which invests in innovative, high-growth companies with the potential for significant financial return and social impact. Thereafter, Janice joined the Identity Partners Group, a majority Black women-led investment group.

Having worked on the Presidential Climate Finance Task Team, which led the negotiation of South Africa’s JET IP, Janice is currently a financing advisor in the JET IP PMU, which is tasked with facilitating and coordinating the implementation of the JET IP.

Janice is involved in several mentorship initiatives and is the chair of 100 Women in Finance in South Africa.