100WF and Plato Partnership Announcement

Jul 21, 2022

100 Women in Finance (“100WF”) through their global visibility initiative, 100WFinTech, announces they will work collaboratively with the Plato Partnership, a not-for-profit fintech company based in London, England.

100WFinTech and Plato Partnership will collectively support the empowerment and greater visibility of women in the FinTech sector who either work in fintech or have an interest in entering the field, through such initiatives as:

  • Jointly working together to address gender diversity in the fintech sector;
  • Working to provide young women global access to mentorship, membership in 100WF, and role models of successful female leaders in fintech;
  • The opportunity to participate in visibility programs offered through 100WFinTech; and,
  • Organizing events, webinars, and social media content to achieve these goals.

100WF CEO Amanda Pullinger stated, “Our alliance with Plato Partnership offers greater visibility for our shared initiatives to address the underrepresentation of women in the fintech sector and evolve the perception of what an expert in these fields looks like.” Ms. Pullinger further remarked, “At 100WF, we believe that by increasing the visibility of today’s female finance professionals, we are also motivating the next generation of talent to aspire to these roles if we are to better serve the interests of our global membership.”

Kenzy Goodwin, Chair of 100WFinTech expressed, “I am looking forward to contributing to the efforts that both 100WF and Plato Partnership are doing to help close the gender gap in the fintech sector. Through meaningful cooperation like this, we can offer more educational opportunities, mentorships and visibility programs.”

Mike Bellaro, CEO, Plato Partnership commented, “It is a privilege to form a collaboration with 100WF as I am a great supporter of all of their work. The Plato Partnership and all of our members wholeheartedly back this new collaboration and are very keen to start to accelerate the work we can do together to make a difference and help as much as we can with the entire programme.”

100WFinTech, 100WF’s global visibility initiative, elevates the public profile of female FinTech leaders, enables their stronger interconnectivity to the FinTech ecosystem, and inspires the next generation of female FinTech talent. Senior professionals are encouraged to apply to our growing public directory which is designed to help conference organizers, the media and young women needing role models to easily identify female fintech leaders.

About 100 Women in Finance

100 Women is a nonprofit organization that seeks to strengthen the global finance industry by empowering women to achieve their professional potential at each career stage. Its members inspire, equip and advocate for a new generation of industry leadership, in which women and men serve as investment professionals and executives, equal in achievement and impact. Through Education, Peer Engagement and Impact, the organization furthers the progress of women who have chosen finance as a career and enables their positive influence over pre-career young women.

About Plato Partnership

Plato Partnership is a not-for-profit company comprising asset managers and broker dealers who are collaborating to bring creative solutions and efficiencies to today’s complex equity market place.

For Media enquiries, please contact:

Anita Karppi, Executive Team, Plato Partnership anita.karppi@platopartnership.com

Sheri Zekraus, Chief Marketing Officer, 100 Women in Finance, sheri@100women.org