Q & A with Global FundWomen Week Chairs

Jun 10, 2022

Q & A with Global FundWomen Week Chairs Allyson Johnson, Eclipse Ventures and Soobin Yoo,  Christofferson, Robb & Company


What is Global FundWomen Week (“GFWW”)?

GFWW is a global capital introduction conference bringing together manager and allocator participants for 1:1 meetings, small-group interactive coffee chats, thought leadership content, and networking opportunities.

Since its inception in 2014 in San Francisco, GFWW has grown from a regional one-day event to a week-long global gathering of like-minded professionals.


What does GFWW aim to achieve?

GFWW is focused on (1) elevating the visibility of female fund managers, (2) enabling their connections with institutional investors, and (3) encouraging increased capital allocations to women-led investment teams.


Who is eligible to attend GFWW?

GFWW is open to female fund managers across all asset classes and strategies, and (male & female) allocators from all types of institutions as well as family offices. Detailed criteria will be released in the coming weeks on our website.


What makes GFWW special?

Several things! GFWW is the largest capital introduction event focused on female fund managers. Unlike any other cap intro conference, qualified allocators and managers participate at no charge. By facilitating 1:1 cap intro meetings virtually we effectively remove barriers to entry for talented managers looking to access institutional investors, and vice versa.


Wait – the event is free? How can you do that?

GFWW is produced by 100 Women in Finance, a non-profit organization focused on supporting women at every stage of their financial careers. The conference is organized by a committee of volunteers who are industry professionals in their “day jobs.” These volunteers dedicate their time, expertise, and networks to make this event possible alongside our sponsors, industry partners, and, of course, the 100WF staff.


What were some of the highlights from last year that participants can look forward to this year? 

In 2021, we were proud to facilitate >1,300 1:1 meetings between 325 female portfolio managers and 370 institutional allocators. Further, 65 topical coffee chats brought together 450 participants in small groups. Finally, 12 fireside chats and panels featured >45 industry leaders sharing their insights.

This year iConnections will again be our technology partner offering a platform for attendees to meet in 1:1 and small-group settings. We are excited to continue facilitating connections between female managers and (male & female) allocators, enhancing the visibility of these talented managers, and ultimately increasing allocations to these female-led investment teams.


What will be new for 2022? 

In addition to the return of virtual meetings, this year GFWW will be hosting sponsored in-person networking events in key financial centers globally. By offering opportunities for our participants to engage live we hope to enhance the conference experience for both managers and allocators. Stay tuned for more information!


Are there sponsorship opportunities for like-minded service providers?

Yes! There are a number of opportunities to help further the mission of GFWW. Interested parties can get in touch to learn how to (1) host an in-person networking event, (2) moderate a thought leadership session, and/or (3) avail branding opportunities.


This sounds great! When is GFWW happening?

We expect applications to open to managers and allocators in September in advance of the virtual conference which will occur from October 31-November 4, 2022 on the iConnections platform. We will also offer sponsored in-person networking events during the week immediately before and after the virtual conference. Keep an eye on our website, LinkedIn page, and your email for more details!


I’m interested – where can I learn more?

To register for updates, please visit: https://fundwomenweek.100women.org/contact-us/

Application criteria and sponsored events will be posted on the GFWW website over the coming weeks: https://fundwomenweek.100women.org/

For sponsorship enquiries, please contact: lois@100women.org