Recognizing the Women of Burgundy

May 10, 2022

At 100WF we work to recognize other groups that are making strides in changing the face of the Finance Industry.

Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.’s Women of Burgundy was founded in 2014 with the core mission of building a community to inspire and empower women to make investing a priority. By creating the conditions and the culture that will enable women to thrive and to reach their full potential as investors, they are preparing women to be agents of their own success.

Women of Burgundy’s work aims to dispel historical beliefs such as: women are more risk-averse than men; women care less about investment returns than men; and that investing should be exclusively a man’s role.  Women of Burgundy believes that having women and men equally empowered around money is good for society and, in turn, overall economic prosperity.  Through educational seminars, book club meetings, and keynote speaker engagements, the Women of Burgundy community gains access to both practical and sophisticated thinking around investing.  Women attending these events testify that they are becoming more engaged with their investments and are learning confidence and competence in their journey to financial independence.   They are learning from the women at Burgundy, from their peers in the community, and from prominent business leaders, who by their example and their stories are showing them another way to be.

In November of 2019, the Women of Burgundy published the first issue of its magazine, Minerva, in order to widen the community’s reach and accelerate the potential impact on both women and men.  One year later, Women of Burgundy debuted Minerva LIVE, a virtual keynote speaker event series that, along with Minerva magazine, continues today. The virtual event series allows a continuation of educational efforts and maintenance of community across geographical barriers and through precarious and unpredictable circumstances posed by such phenomena as the COVID-19 pandemic.

In June of 2021, the Women of Burgundy’s book club hosted a conversation with Maria Konnikova, PhD and author of The Biggest Bluff.  This engaging and thoughtful discussion provided an understanding of the role of chance vs. skill in both investing and in life, preparing us to better focus on what we can control and accept that which we cannot.
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By elevating all the women in its community, including clients, contacts, and Burgundy staff, Women of Burgundy is providing role models for how empowered women think and behave when it comes to money and investing. The leaders of Women of Burgundy are energized about the future of their initiative and look forward to continuing to evolve their offering through impactful communication and thought-provoking events.


This article appeared in Issue 5 of Minerva magazine

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