Support for Women of Ukraine

Mar 24, 2022

With the troubling events occurring in Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of women have been displaced with a majority of these women having sought refuge in Poland and Romania as well as other countries around the world.

100 Women in Finance (100WF), a non-profit organization for professionals who work in the alternative investment and broader finance industry, is expanding their mission to help support these displaced women who are in need of available resources to establish employment or career options. 100WF is reaching out to link networks of like-minded companies, individuals, or connections who can additionally help these women search for jobs, programs, mentorship, and guidance in the finance industry.

100WF is offering a 1-year complimentary 100WF membership to Ukrainian women or female university students looking to find work or direction in the finance industry.

How to to be a part of this initiative:

  • If you are a company who would like to find out more about supporting these women Click here.
  • If you are a Ukrainian woman or female university student looking for guidance please contact us at to make an inquiry or provide your resume.

Collectively in our efforts, we can support those women who need us most during these trying times.