The Investment Climate in Kenya

Nov 20, 2023


On the evening of October 25, 2023, 100 Women in Finance’s event on the Investment Climate in Kenya was hosted by United States Ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman at her residence in Nairobi. Joining forces with Moody’s Investors Service, the event featured remarks by Ambassador Whitman and by Adero Okudo, chair of 100 Women in Finance’s Kenya Committee, a keynote by Moody’s Analyst for Kenya, David Rogovic and a networking reception for 100 Women in Finance members and prominent leaders from the finance industry in Kenya. During the evening, guests engaged in enlightening discussions about Kenya’s potential as an investment destination, the significance of networks like 100 Women in Finance in supporting women’s advancement, and the evolving landscape of the finance sector. The event was emceed by Sarah Whitten, Financing and Implementation Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa at USTDA.


Ambassador Meg Whitman’s Welcome

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Ambassador Meg Whitman. In her opening remarks, Ambassador Whitman emphasized the investment appeal of Kenya and how it has been steadily growing as a favored destination for global investors. She acknowledged the exceptional role that networks such as 100 Women in Finance play in advancing women’s careers in the finance sector. Ambassador Whitman’s presence underscored the United States’ commitment to fostering strong economic and diplomatic ties with Kenya.


Ambassador Meg Whitman


Adero Okudo’s Insights

Adero Okudo, chair of the 100 Women in Finance Kenya committee, stressed the importance of women in finance building their personal brands and being more visible within the industry. She also highlighted the education initiatives led by 100 Women in Finance. Adero pointed out that in the ever-changing and dynamic finance industry, upskilling opportunities are crucial for women. Her remarks resonated strongly with the audience, emphasizing the need for women to assert their presence and influence in the finance sector.

Adero Okudo, 100WF Kenya committee chair


Moody’s Analyst David Rogovic’s Presentation

The evening also featured a presentation by Moody’s Analyst for Kenya, David Rogovic. David provided a hih-level analysis of Kenya’s investment climate, shedding light on the country’s economic landscape and the diverse growth drivers that are contributing to its relatively high and stable growth. His insights were particularly illuminating, helping attendees better understand the dynamics of Kenya’s economy and its potential for sustained growth.

David Rogovic, Moody’s Investors Service


Networking and Camaraderie

Following the engaging presentations, the guests had the opportunity to network over drinks and canapés. This informal setting allowed attendees to connect, exchange ideas, and build valuable relationships within the finance community. The relaxed atmosphere served as a reminder of the importance of networking and building personal connections in the world of finance.



The reception hosted by Ambassador Meg Whitman in collaboration with Moody’s Investors Service was not only an evening of celebration but also a platform for meaningful discussions and connections. It underscored the significance of women in finance and their role in shaping Kenya’s financial future. The collective efforts of individuals, organizations like 100 Women in Finance, and international support, as symbolized by Ambassador Whitman’s presence, are pivotal in fostering an inclusive, vibrant, and dynamic financial sector in Kenya. This event stands as a testament to the shared commitment to empower women in finance and showcased Kenya as an investment destination on the global stage.

Pictured left to right: Rina Hicks, Pumla Mathe, Ambassador Meg Whitman, Adero Okudo, Mphokolo Makara, Susan Situma