Unlocking the Boardroom

Jun 17, 2024

On 22 May 2024, more than 40 members braved Milan’s rainiest day to meet at the offices of S&P Global to learn just what it takes to take a seat in the boardroom.

In a candid and detailed discussion moderated by Roberto Paciotti, Managing Director – Head of Italian Branch at S&P Global, panellists Cristina Finocchi Mahne (Board Member and WCD Foundation), Angela Gamba (Family Office and Independent Board Member), Maria Pierdicchi (Non-Executive Board Member), and Paolo Saccavini (Client Partner, Chaberton Partners SA) shared the following key insights.

  • Soft skills vs. hard skills: which are more valuable as a board member? The general consensus was that while a level of competency is expected, soft skills are more valuable. According to the panel, developing soft skills is a matter of professional and personal growth and requires getting out of your comfort zone, spending time working overseas and developing relationships with others at all levels of the organization.
  • Credibility can be supported by a well-cultivated history of trustworthiness and an executive presence, which includes how one presents to and challenges others, as well as a tangible demonstration of board outcomes and results.

Thank you to S&P Global for their hospitality and ongoing support and thank you to the panel for sharing their time, knowledge and expertise.