May 2024


May 2024

What’s the Monthly Monitor?

The Monitor will summarize major organizational updates as well as highlight key events that are relevant to our membership. This edition as well as all historical publications can be found on our website under News & Updates.

What’s New at 100WF?

Thank you to all our volunteers for your dedicated efforts. As we step into June, we are delighted to share that we have organized nearly 150 events, all focused on advancing our mission and Vision 30/40. Our aim is to see women holding 30% of senior investment roles and executive committee positions by 2040. Your contributions are invaluable in making this vision a reality.

Exciting milestones are on the horizon for 100 Women in Finance as we enter the second half of the year. On June 13, we will kick off the 15th Anniversary Year celebrations in Zurich, followed by commemorating the 1st anniversary of 100 Women in Finance Nigeria in July. Additionally, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the relaunch of 100 Women in Finance Minneapolis, with details to follow. Additionally, we have organized several marquee events, including the Impact Investing Symposium (October 1), the Hong Kong Gala (October 17), the New York Gala (November 6), and Global FundWomen Week (dates to be announced), offering invaluable opportunities for networking, learning, and collaboration. These events underscore our continued growth and the vibrant community we have cultivated over the years, as we advance our mission of empowering women in finance.

Stay tuned for additional details on these upcoming events.

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We are excited to announce our new corporate sponsors, whose generous support is instrumental in expanding and sustaining our programs and initiatives. Their commitment to advancing our mission and Vision 30/40 will enhance our ability to drive impactful change in the finance industry

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Portfolio managers and allocators gathered on April 30 for a Macro Outlook discussion organized by the FundWomen Committee and sponsored by Ruffer LLP. Imogen Bachra, CFA, led the event, sharing insights on global rates and fiscal policy divergence. Jenny Renton, CFA, of Ruffer LLP, chaired the discussion, joined by Fund Managers Jasmine Yeo and Fiona Ker. Attendees benefited from the expert analysis and commentary. The FundWomen roundtable series serves as a platform to strengthen the network among female investment professionals.


The 2024 Elevating Women’s Voices (EWV) program launched on May 2, co-organized by the Australia committee and AIMA, and hosted by the Australian Stock Exchange. Marianne Perkovic, an experienced leader in financial services, advocate for diversity and sustainable transformation, and co-author of Pivotal Career Moments, shared insights on public speaking and communication. Graduates of last year’s program, led by Arabella MacPherson, directed the evening. EWV aims to train, mentor, and promote women as speakers to enhance gender diversity, equity, and inclusion in financial services. The event concluded with drinks and canapés.


Attendees in Milan gathered on May 22 for an event hosted by S&P Global to learn strategies for navigating corporate boardrooms. The session, conducted in Italian, emphasized the value of diverse board experiences and perspectives. Speakers included Cristina Finocchi Mahne, Angela Gamba, Maria Pierdicchi, and Paolo Saccavini. Roberto Paciotti of S&P Global moderated the discussion. Participants gained valuable insights into effective board membership and leadership. Afterwards, they networked over drinks and appetizers, promoting professional career development and networking.




On April 23, the Toronto committee produced an event, hosted by Fitch Ratings, that provided a comprehensive look at the challenges and opportunities in advancing to the executive level in the financial services industry. Senior professionals Maria-Gabriella Khoury of Fitch Ratings’ Financial Institutions Group, Angela Lin-Reeve of Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan and our Moderator, Alison Marsh of Scotiabank shared their personal experiences, offering insights on expanding networks and navigating the competitive environment. Attendees engaged in a lively discussion, sharing questions and anecdotes while networking over coffee and cookies.
The Salt Lake City committee produced an event on April 23, offering an insider’s view of how technology is disrupting the wealth management industry. Featuring Morgan McGovern of Constellation Wealth Capital, LLC, Cynthia Trillo of Goldman Sachs, Tracy Tuens of Cynosure Wealth Advisors, Kimberly Venable of Vanilla and Moderator Molly Lynn of Addepar. These professionals shared their perspectives from various roles such as investment management, operations, compliance, and investor relations. The program began with networking over refreshments and snacks, followed by a panel discussion.
Attendees gained valuable insights from portfolio managers in Brazil on investments across various industry sectors and asset classes during an event organized by the Brazil committee and hosted by Goldman Sachs. The session featured an engaging discussion led by Michelle Dorea of Goldman Sachs and Tatiana Itikawa of ANBIMA, with perspectives from Sara Delfim of Dahlia Capital, Milena Landgraf of Jubarte Capital, and Vivian Lee of Ibiuna Investimentos. Breakfast was served, followed by a networking opportunity with colleagues. The event took place on April 30.
On May 15, the New York committee organized an event focused on the concept of productivity, often termed the “magic elixir” by economists, due to its ability to yield remarkable results similar to compounding interest. Constance Hunter, Senior Advisor at MacroPolicy Perspectives, in a conversation with Moderator Sonali Basak of Bloomberg, discussed the mysterious nature of productivity and how its unpredictable manifestations create volatility. She provided insights on reading the signposts to manage this volatility and capitalize on the current productivity surge. Attendees participated in a lively discussion, asked questions, and exchanged ideas while networking with colleagues. This event was sponsored by Troutman Pepper.


The South Africa Committee organized an educational session titled “Learn Best Practices to Launch Your Fund,” held in Johannesburg on May 6 and Cape Town on May 8. Hosted by IQ-EQ, attendees explored the predictable challenges of launching a fund and gained valuable insights from Emma Crabtree, Group Chief Commercial Officer at IQ-EQ. In Johannesburg, Emma engaged in conversation with Moushmi Patel, Partner & Co-Founder of Sanari Capital, while in Cape Town, she spoke with Elmein Wagenaar, Founder of Think Capital. Both programs featured speakers sharing their career journeys, focusing on private markets and succeeding in a male-dominated industry. Attendees also enjoyed networking opportunities before and after the sessions.


Cape Town
On May 15, the Middle East committee produced an educational session “Setting Standards and Unlocking Opportunities in Alternative Investments,” hosted by SBAI and Winton Capital Management. Attendees explored the latest trends and developments in standards for alternative investment and discovered the pivotal role industry bodies play in enhancing standards, fostering knowledge exchange and nurturing collaborative efforts, through group discussion. Following the session, guests networked over refreshments.


On May 8, the Australia committee organized and presented a global webinar, “Tuning Into What Really Matters: Leadership and Smarter Decisions.” The event featured Nuala Walsh, NED and behavioral scientist, CEO of MindEquity Consulting, and author of TUNE IN: How to Make Smarter Decisions In a Noisy World.The session was moderated by Simone Bouch, Co-Chair of the 100WF Australia Committee.  Key topics included unconscious mistakes leaders make, hearing what matters in a tone-deaf world, managing the trilogy of errors, and strategies to outperform. For those who missed it, a recording of this event is available here for 100WF members looking to enhance their leadership skills and decision-making processes.

On May 16, the Singapore committee hosted an educational event on new trends in Digital Assets, sponsored by Coinbase. Speakers Saumya Aggarwal, Senior Account Manager, Institutions, Coinbase,Georgie Harris, Chief Compliance Officer, Australia, Coinbase, Anu Phanse, Chief Compliance Officer, Singapore, Coinbase, and Alpha Baid, Moderator, Head of Managed Services, Invartis Consulting, reviewed the surge in demand for digital assets and its impact on the financial sector, as both institutions and retail clients invest in this asset class. Key Topics included what ETFs mean for the institutional adoption of digital assets, which blockchain use cases are becoming an everyday reality, the regulatory practicalities of digital assets flourishing in APAC, and opportunities and pitfalls for personal investing. Guests enjoyed networking over drinks and snacks following the discussion.

On May 23, attendees delved into an exploration of gender equity challenges in leadership roles within the financial sector, guided by Moderator Dr. Natalie Oh, University of New South Wales, Australia, and featured speaker Dr. Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi from the University of Mannheim, Germany. They examined the nuances of the status quo and considered successful strategies and actionable remedies to overcome barriers, supported by the latest research and comparative global insights. Participants brought their questions and gained a deeper understanding of the existing structural barriers, as well as practical steps that can be implemented to dismantle them, thereby closing the gender gap in leadership. Colleagues networked over breakfast before and after the discussion. Several attendees brought their male colleagues to foster open dialogue on this vital issue, aligning with 100WF’s collective approach to leadership and diversity.



On April 17, we hosted the global webinar “Unlocking New Possibilities for AI and Finance through Chat GPT & ABM’s or Other AI Tools.” Members from our 32 Locations globally had the opportunity to explore the future of AI integration in finance. Alicia Vidler, an AI researcher at UNSW Sydney and a member of the 100 Women in Finance Global Council, shared her insights on how AI will enhance investment decision-making, increase client engagement, and improve operational efficiencies. This event marked the first in a series of webinars designed to provide our global members with timely technical insights on important topics. Members can watch the recording in our On Demand here.

On April 18, members in New York gathered for an evening of speed networking hosted by Wellington Management. The event featured a rotational format, allowing attendees to engage in meaningful conversations and initiate new relationships. Roundtable topics included pursuing a career on the sell side vs. the buy side, the benefits of specializing in a specific market area vs. being a generalist across asset classes and sectors, advocating for oneself and securing a seat at the table as women in finance, finding mentors, navigating career transitions, handling difficult conversations, and overcoming imposter syndrome. The formal program was followed by networking over drinks and hors d’oeuvres, providing further opportunities to connect with colleagues and make new connections.
On May 20, finance professionals with over 15 years of experience gathered for an interactive workshop led by Krisztina Anspach, Managing Partner at Admired Leadership, Asia. The workshop, hosted by Invesco, focused on transforming functional leaders into visionary leaders who can shape their firms’ futures. Key action items included driving exceptional performance, growing a team of leaders, building and maintaining exceptional relationships, making time to lead, and developing an influential leadership style. After the workshop, they shared insights and action steps while networking over drinks and snacks.
On May 22, university students and young professionals in the Toronto area gathered for an event hosted by AGF, focused on exploring diverse career opportunities in finance. The session featured successful female finance professionals from a broad range of roles who shared their career journeys and lessons learned. The panel included Kathryn Buis, Daniella Kvrgic from CIBC Capital Markets, and Katarina Savic from AGF Investments Inc. The discussion was moderated by Neha Lalany from Cohere. Attendees gained insights into starting a career in finance, understanding the necessary educational credentials, and other insider tips. Following the formal program, attendees had the opportunity to network with the panelists and peers over refreshments.


Hong Kong

Working with our nonprofit partner The Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP) (https://www.linkedin.com/company/hkayp/), 100WF members and Lena Wong, Director of Impact in Hong Kong, spoke with 40+ students on April 27 about starting careers in the finance industry. An engaging online game then addressed the misconception that a career in finance requires personal investment expertise or a traditional finance degree.

The highlight was a fireside chat with Coco Tse from BNP Paribas and Erika Lau from HKU discussing their studies and careers. They shed light on diverse bank roles and shared advice on embracing opportunities to explore different paths. Students gained a deeper understanding of finance roles and environments that will help them make informed academic and career choices.

Save the Date for JumpStart! Opportunities for Students & 100WF Speakers
Our next Global JumpStart programs are scheduled for August 16 and November 1, 2024. Registration will launch approximately one month in advance of the programs. 

What is JumpStart? At the global level, it’s a half-day virtual experience that provides college-age students with an introduction to the finance industry and the opportunity to meet experienced professionals. Throughout the course of the event, participants receive career guidance, industry information, interviewing and networking tips, and opportunities to interact with professionals, recruiters, and fellow students from around the world. Since its inception in 2020, over 1,200 young women have attended a global JumpStart event.

Upcoming Events

The Rise of the Female Economy,
Plus 100WF 15-Year Anniversary in Zurich

13 June 2024

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of 100 Women in Finance Zurich with a fireside chat between Lizanne Atherly, Founder of Minds2Capital, and Maryann Umoren Selfe, Head of Investment Solutions at Banque Internationale à Luxembourg Suisse. Explore the rise of the female economy, women’s financial literacy, and strategies to close the gender investment gap. Network with colleagues, enjoy a lively discussion, and toast to the organization’s achievements. Due to limited space, please ensure you register promptly here.

Empower the Leader Within with Amb. Nimi Akinkugbe and Celebrate the First Anniversary of 100WF in Nigeria

12 July 2024

Join us to celebrate the 1st anniversary of 100 Women in Finance Nigeria with “Empowering the Leader Within” featuring H.E. Nimi Akinkugbe, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Greece. Hear her insights on leadership, connect with finance industry peers, and learn about our plans for the next year to promote the professional development of women at every career stage. Space is limited, so register early here.



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