100WF addresses the under-representation of women in investment roles and seeks to evolve the public perception of what an investment expert looks like. It is our hope that by increasing the visibility of today’s female investment managers, we are also motivating the next generation of female investment talent to aspire to these roles.

FundWomen Directory

Increase visibility through the FundWomen Directory.

Female fund managers and institutional allocators are encouraged to join 100WF’s public directory for greater professional visibility, and to receive invitations for suitable public speaking and peer engagement opportunities. We often work directly with media outlets and conference producers to help place women in speaking engagements and to continuously encourage diverse representation in the areas of finance.

Connect to other female fund managers through FundWomen peer engagement.

100WF hosts peer to peer dinners and virtual meetings where fund managers can exchange ideas and business best practice, and build a network of like-minded women, supporting each other as they launch and grow their funds.

Establish more connectivity with investors.

100WF has collaborated with Bloomberg on a growing database of over 200 female or minority owned/run hedge funds so that investors can more easily discover them. The platform allows allocators to submit inquiries based on their specific strategies, connecting them to potential funds that meet their criteria.

Elevate executive presence.

100WF holds programs throughout the year that cover topics such as:

  • Finding Board opportunities
  • Pitching and presenting
  • Personal branding workshops
  • Professional headshot days with photographers
  • Media training

We also work with several organizations to provide services and programs at member-discounted rates for executive coaching, investor relations and professional development.

Global FundWomen Week

The largest global gathering of asset allocators and female investment managers

Since 2014, 100WF has hosted investment conferences for female fund managers and the broad community of institutional investment allocators to engage with one another and explore business opportunities.

In 2020, we took this concept virtual and created a global, weeklong event of targeted introductions and roundtable sessions. Now named Global FundWomen Week (GFWW), the event provides:


  • 1-on-1 self-scheduled meetings on global platform hosted by iConnections
  • Timely, relevant and global thought leadership programming
  • “Coffee Chat” mini-presentations hosted by conference participants on high-interest topics

FundWomen Event Series


Throughout the year, 100WF hosts events led by industry icons and experts that cover topics related to the finance and alternative industries, macro trends, and leadership.

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Past FundWomen event recordings

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