Maximize your agility at work — particularly under pressure

Jun 10, 2022

For most women at the mid to senior levels of their careers in finance there is the desire to learn and apply new tools, methods, strategies as well as make connections with peers for continued growth. To help women at these stages reach their potential, 100 Women in Finance is offering Great Career Academy (GCA). In partnership with Maggie Craddock from Workplace Relationships, GCA is an online, virtual training academy that teaches a four-stage process of inner and outer learning, over the course of twelve weeks.

Angilynn Baraud, ‘(the GCA course) helped me to strike a balance and a realization of where I need to prioritize versus all of the things I should be doing.’

This carefully developed and sequential four-stage process is designed to help you:

  • Initiate self-reflection of personal influences that can affect one’s professional decisions;
  • Create awareness in what triggers generate emotional response and affect one’s thought process;
  • Recognize how to build authentic and support relationships:
  • Evaluate what type of professional environment can help you thrive;
  • …And more!

Sanem Alkan: ‘GCA is an excellent opportunity to look back and reflect on my experiences and learnings about not just my career but also my personal life and how the two may be intertwined.’

Meet Maggie Craddock

Maggie Craddock is an executive coach who has worked with clients at all levels on the professional spectrum – from people entering the workforce to Fortune 500 CEOs. She has been featured on CNBC, National Public Radio and quoted in national publications including the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times and even Oprah Magazine.

Before building her executive coaching business, Maggie worked for over a decade on both the buy and the sell side of the financial services industry. As a portfolio manager at Scudder, Stevens & Clark, she received two Lipper Awards for top nationwide mutual fund performance.

Maggie is also the author of a highly successful career trilogy:

  • The Authentic Career: Following the Path of Self-Discovery to Professional Fulfillment (New World Library, 2004)
  • Power Genes: Understanding Your Power Persona and How to Wield It at Work (Harvard Business Press, 2011)
  • Lifeboat: Navigating Unexpected Career Change and Disruption (New World Library, 2020)
GCA is more than just a series of courses. Also included:
  • Masterclass sessions with Maggie Craddock over the course of 12 weeks
  • Four Momentum calls where participants will have the opportunity to brainstorm with Maggie and connect with one another
  • The digital Great Career Academy workbook chock full of exercises for each week’s module and pages that allow you to write about your experiences, clarify your authentic goals and track your progress
  • Access to a private, online peer support network to share one-another’s experiences and celebrate milestones throughout the program

GCA graduate Paula Attie remarks, ‘Connecting with other peers was very helpful….It was very nice to see ourselves reflected in other people’s questions and thoughts.’

Charina Amunategul, ‘(GCA) allowed me to explore and have the courage to take steps to…find a path that was in alignment with my values.’

GCA offers you the opportunity to invest in yourself to reach your personal potential. 

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