100 Women in Finance


Visibility Initiatives

100 Women in Finance seeks to address the under-representation of women in finance, fintech, and investment roles, hoping to evolve the public perception of what an expert in these fields looks like. We believe that by increasing the visibility of today’s female finance professionals, we are also motivating the next generation of talent to aspire to these roles.

Our visibility Initiatives elevate public profiles, enabling strong interconnectivity to the finance ecosystem. They are designed around sectors/roles in order to provide more specific focus to each category.

Female fund managers are encouraged to join 100WF’s public directory for greater professional visibility, and to receive invitations for suitable public speaking and peer engagement opportunities.

Connecting FinTech leaders and inspiring the Next Generation.

Features women working in investment roles at pension, endowment, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and insurance companies.

Investing in the Next Generation

Investing in the Next Generation aims to reach, inspire, and support young women at high school, university, and business school levels who will become a talent pipeline for the future leadership of the industry.

Women on Boards

We operate Corporate and Private Boards Initiatives that seek to place interested members with industry boards looking to fill seats.

Corporate / Private Boards

Our Corporate/Private Boards committee connects qualified candidates from within our membership ranks with director opportunities.

Nonprofit Boards

The Nonprofit Boards committee distributes a regular Board Alert to inform members of upcoming events, training sessions, thought leadership reports and relevant Board openings.

Industry Awards

Industry Leadership Award

This award recognizes extraordinary women who have shown leadership in the finance and alternative investment industries. Honorees demonstrate talent, business ethics and a passion for investing that define our industry’s standards of excellence and have been pioneers in some aspect of the business, influencing a large number of individuals in our field. We typically give three awards each year, honoring women in the Americas, EMEA and APAC.

Industry DEI Award

In 2022, 100WF launched its Industry DEI Award sponsored by J.P. Morgan to recognize organizations that are driving forward and shaping the future of women in the finance industry.

100WF Member Highlights

Within the depth and breadth of the 100women.org community are members that have a wealth of experience, achievements, and inspiring stories that can educate, inform, and unite other members while we work together to achieve our 30/40 VISION mission.